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Morningside’s happily ever afters- Part 1

Morningside’s happily ever afters- Part 1

By Claire De Roin-- This is part one of a three-part series on engagements and marriages during college.  Writing research papers. Bridesmaids dress fittings. Working between classes. Reserving a venue. Staying up late working on homework. Wedding cake tasting. Studying for final [...]

Connecting Alumni to Morningside

By Cammy Ly-- What do you do after graduating college? Get a job of course. Getting the long awaited dream job is great, but there’s that feeling of sadness after abandoning the place you called home for four long years. What can you do to be still connected to Morningside? The question is [...]

Making your dorm feel like home

By Jacquelyn Adams-- Now that the school year is off to a good start and students are beginning to settle into their new class schedule and routine, it is a great time to make your dorm room a comfortable, relaxing place.  For all students, new and returning, making your dorm feel more [...]

A match made in…where?

By Claire DeRoin-- Debates over the lights being left on or off. Fights over leaving the door unlocked. Arguments over unwanted visitors. Shouting matches about clothes being borrowed. Annoyance over sex on the shared furniture. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you may be living with a bad [...]

The sweatpants epidemic

By Claire DeRoin -- A majority of students on Morningside’s campus walk to and from class, sit in the cafeteria, work in the science labs or do other things, clad in sweatpants all the while. Students donning sweaters or skirts are definitely in the minority. One professor has taken note of [...]

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