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Sunday June 24th 2018



Morningside Students Create Competitive Gaming Club M’side eSports

(05.09.2017) By Austin Brunick — The M’side eSports Club is one of the newest clubs on campus. Complete with an eSports Nexus, Morningside College students have been practicing all spring semester for what will be their first year of actual competition come 2017’s fall semester.

Morningside will have teams competing in two games next year: Overwatch and League of Legends.

The LoL team got a bit of competition experience this semester, as they played against three teams in a tournament: University of Pikeville, where they lost 0-2, University of Miami – Ohio, where they lost 0-2, and Indiana Tech, who they beat 2-1.

Dean Stevens, the academic advisor for the club, says that, “The team struggled the first two series, but fought back in the last one.”

The future of the eSports club looks bright, as Morningside, according to Stevens, is a founding member of the National Association of Collegiate eSports, which is an offshoot of the NAIA.

Quentin “SneakyTurtle” Charbonneau, a sophomore at Morningside College says, “[I am] looking forward to more tournament-style competitions with more teams involved.”

Charbonneau also states that he would like to see a recruiting stand for incoming freshman at the annual activity fair, as it would build a stronger team dynamic.

Currently Morningside is doing a lot of scrimmaging, friendly matches against other teams.

Future plans for the club also include Morningside, along with 62 other schools, converting their “clubs” into varsity teams that will offer scholarships to incoming students.

To learn more about the M’side eSports club contact Dean Stevens at or go to the eSports Nexus located in Roadman Hall next to the informal lounge.