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Monday October 22nd 2018



Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven

MiraclesFromHeaven470By Rachael Arnts–For anyone not into all the Batman and Superman hype, there is another movie option for you. Columbia Pictures released the drama film Miracles From Heaven on March 16 starring Jennifer Garner. It is the true story of a ten-year-old girl who beats her incurable disease in an unlikely way. According to Box Office Mojo, in just two weeks the film has made over $34 million.

The film is based off of the book Miracles From Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to
Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing. This is Christy Beam’s memoir of the time her daughter Annabel fell severely ill at the age of ten.

The PG film starts off with Annabel Beam, played by Kylie Rogers, unexpectedly having severe stomach pains. Her parents, Kevin and Christy, played by Martin Henderson and Jennifer Garner, take her multiple times to the doctor and keep getting different diagnoses. Finally, the doctors discover that Annabel has a rare incurable intestinal disorder that prevents her from processing food. Determined to help her daughter in anyway she can, Christy flies Annabel from their rural Texas home to Boston to see a specialist. After weeks of staying in Boston, Annabel and Christy return home knowing that nothing can be done to cure her. One day Annabel climbs a hollowed out tree and ends up falling down thirty feet headfirst.

Miraculously, she had no broken bones and within the next few days of falling was noticeably healthier. Later on Annabel shares with her parents that she had an out of body experience while she was unconscious from the fall.

If you’re a crier, make sure to bring a box of tissues as you watch Jennifer Garner deliver a terrific emotional performance. This film is similar to last years Heaven is for Real, but has a better easy-to-follow story line and pacing to it. Despite being highly emotional, there are perfect-timed comic relief segments. Miracles From Heaven is an hour and forty-nine minutes long, which seemed like an appropriate length.

If comic book super heroes aren’t your thing, I would recommend bringing the entire family to see Miracles From Heaven.