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Wednesday September 26th 2018



Sorority socializing: Alpha Omicron Pi

By Jordan Ogren–
As a new student at a new school in an unknown community, one might long for a sense of belonging. One way to feel right at home here at Morningside could be to join one of the three Greek organizations on campus.

Alpha Omicron Pi is the only sorority at Morningside College and it is always looking for more young women to join the ranks.

“I joined Alpha Omicron Pi because I have always been interested in joining a sorority and it seemed to fit me perfectly. I met the girls during formal recruitment and they made me feel extremely welcome,” said freshmen AO∏ member Corina Sommer. “They showed me that sorority life isn’t about partying; it’s about sisterhood.”

What could someone gain from joining Alpha Omicron Pi? Statistically, students who join Greek organizations are more satisfied with their college experience and even get better grades than students who do not. Fraternity and sorority members are also much more likely to stay in school and finish their college career.

Carol Brewer is President of AO∏ and has been a member since the fall of her freshmen year in 2008. She had a lot to say about how much she gained from AO∏.

“First and foremost, when you become a member of AO∏ you gain friends and sisters for life. As cheesy as it sounds, you know that you can count on these girls,” said Brewer. “Secondly, AO∏ provides opportunities for gaining leadership experience. Since I have joined, I have held three offices.”

“Thirdly, being a member of AO∏ gives you the opportunity to serve others through community service events and fundraisers that support our international philanthropy, Juvenile Arthritis Education and Research,” Brewer went on.

“Last but not least, becoming a member of AO∏ means you get to have fun! Each semester we have a formal dance as well many other opportunities to interact with the other Greeks and members of the campus as a whole.”

AO∏ focuses on and commits itself to scholarship, community service, socialization, and creating a sisterhood that can last a lifetime.

Sommer added, “I feel that I have gained a lot from AO∏ by the way I treat others and the way I feel about myself. I am encouraged to excel in my academics and to take on as many leadership roles as I can.”

If you have any interest in joining Alpha Omicron Pi, just talk to any member and they will be glad to help. So what are you waiting for?