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Sunday October 21st 2018



About The CR

The Collegian Reporter has been Morningside’s student-run newspaper since 1898. As the student voice on campus affairs, The CR welcomes students from all of the College’s majors and disciplines to fill decision-making roles as editors, reporters, columnists, photographers and cartoonists. Those interested in the business side of mass media can get experience in advertising sales and underwriting.

The CR Online online provides opportunities in multi-media storytelling to those who want to express themselves “more artistically.” As media continue to converge, student staff will report events using audio and video technology as well as words on a printed page.

In the coming academic year The Collegian Reporter will continue its tradition of campus news coverage, sports reporting, arts reviews, and opinion writing. Our goal is always to keep the campus community informed, involved and entertained.

Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “About The CR”

  1. Kelsey says:


    Looking to update the student media contact list for the NCAA public and media relations department. Will you be able to provide me with the EIC or sports editor’s email address? This fall we will be reaching out to student media across all divisions and hosting webinars to better our relationship with our member schools’ student media.


  2. crstaff says:

    Thanks for the heads up. We can contact Nicole directly and set something up!

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