E-Sports on Campus (Story #2 FD)

Morningside College recently became one of the newest schools to join the E-Sports community and even added it to their sports teams roster.

For non-gamers in the world, watching when players are yelling at a computer screen or constantly clicking a mouse button during gameplay, these games don’t seem all that appealing.

However, gamers know that despite the sore fingers after hours of gameplay or scratchy voices when either communicating with their teammates through a microphone or just yelling at a screen, the fun of the game is why they continue playing.

Athletes in physical sports know how accomplished they feel after winning their matches/competitions/games. E-Sports athletes feel the same and put in a lot of time practicing just to get a little bit better.

The amount of time put into practicing for this ever-growing community made Dean Stevens, the professor in charge of the E-Sports team on campus, believe early on that students deserve a scholarship.

Stevens said he wanted to give scholarships to students because playing these games and practicing “requires a huge amount of investment and time, of effort, it requires a lot of skills in terms of competition, in terms of communication with your teammates.”

Students also believe E-Sports is worthy of becoming equal to physical sports. Quentin Charbonneau, a Junior at Morningside, said “I think it deserves as much of a chance as any sport. It’s a fast growing community that needs recognition.”

Casey Wall, a freshman at Morningside, agrees and says “Teachers should be treating [E-Sports] as an athletic team because it goes together with every other sport.”

The E-Sports team is currently focusing on Blizzard Entertainments Overwatch and plans to switch to Riot Games’s League of Legends for next semester.


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