Observation Exercise

This room is longer lengthwise than it is widthwise. It has several rows of tables that fill the room, complete with computers on top and tall gaming chairs behind each set.

There are windows along the right side of the room when entering, covered by horizontal blinds to filter the sun out of the players’ eyes. Along the far wall, as well as the wall on the left side of the room, there are whiteboards filled with lines, players’ names, and online account names. These people are separated by current members of three different teams.

When sitting at one of the sets of computer equipment, the chair is slightly tough from the leather and hard plastic it is made of. The monitor is a wide screen with buttons along the bottom and a switch hidden underneath that turns it on.

The console is made of black hard plastic to contain the mechanical elements inside and even a see-through panel on one side to see the console illuminate from within when turned on.

Attached to the console is a pair of headphones with soft leather pieces that go over the ears and create a more sound-proof barrier to the surroundings. Also attached to the console is a keyboard that lights up when the system is turned on, and whose keys make a clicking sound when pressed down. There is also a slightly long wheel of about 1 1/2 inches in length at the top right of the keyboard that is used to turn up or down the sound.

The screen has nice quality when turned on, creating noticeably clean definition on the elements on the screen. On the homepage along the left side of the screen are several icons of various games, applications, and software that is available on the computer.


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    Probably not leather — unless the e-sports team gets really nice furnishings — but I’m nost sure how to tell the difference. Feel, texture, smell, color.

    This has some good visual description, Sondra. Keep working on the other senses.

    fuglsang - October 9th, 2017 at 7:54 pm

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