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In the article “Why London is banning Uber from its streets” written by Zeesham Aleem, the lede used is quick and to the point. It creates a┬ákick in the gut, so to say, about what the article is about and creates interest as to what the article will continue to talk about from that point forward.

Aleem talks about the importance of Uber in London, both for the employed drivers and those who rely on it for transport. He also talks about why London is not renewing it’s license when the current one is terminated, such as that of Uber “failing to report sexual assault by its drivers and using lax background checks.”

Aleem mentions that Uber will be taking up their position in court, and maybe London raising the issue about how Uber drivers treat their customers “could give it pause about the costs of the way it does business.”

Read the original article here.


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    Based on your description, I thought the story would be one-sided. It seems quite objective. It gets all sides, and relates all of the complaints against Uber.

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    fuglsang - October 10th, 2017 at 9:02 am

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