Interview with Alex Watters

Alex Watters is a man whose life took an unexpected turn after an accident when he was a freshman in college. However, despite the difficulties that have become normal in his everyday life, he is a very optimistic person and lives each day to the fullest.

Watters is a well-known 1st year advisor here at Morningside, usually seen zipping around in his wheelchair around campus either on his own, with fellow faculty members, or some of his student advisees.

He said “I really believe in the ability to make a difference,” which has led him to being an advisor, a Sioux City Council member, and working with several government programs associated with disabilities.

Being an advisor makes Watters feel proud of his students, much like how a parental figure would feel for their child. He sometimes has very difficult cases in students who can’t seem to adjust to college life, but when they finally come into their own, it’s “inspiring to see.”

He mentions tearing up at several of the Morningside events he attends whenever one of his current or previous advisees is recognized, knowing just how far they’ve come in their time here.

Though he doesn’t see himself being here forever, he does want to continue being an advisor in general and continue helping people.



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