Description Exercise


This person has wavy blonde hair that went into a ponytail at the back of her head. If it were let down, it might go to between her shoulderblades and waist.

Her eyes are blue, and her face is very structural with high cheekbones and a square-ish jawbone.

She was in her soccer jacket, black material with an Addidas logo on it above her last name. She was either wearing a black shirt or her jacket was zipped up.

Her backpack had black straps, but I didn’t see the back of it.

We only briefly said hi to each other before she left.


The chocolate donut hole is a dark brown color, broken up with translucent sugar crystals surrounding the outside.

The outside of the hole when touched is sticky from the sugar, and when pressed into, it gives a little. When broken into, the donut hole crumbles very easily.

The inside of the hole is filled with air pockets to create a hopefully airy texture when bitten into, and the smell of chocolate is very present.

The donut hole dissolves easily when eaten, the texture soft except for the crunch of the sugar crystals.

The taste is almost fruity rather than completely chocolate, which creates some confusion for the senses that are seeking chocolate but get what could be reminiscent of a raspberry flavor.

The pirouline is a long cylinder of tan-ish color with a thin stripe of dark brown spiraled with the thin wafer that creates the snack.

When broken into, the pirouline snaps instead of bending, creating a stiff structure. The inside is filled with a crumbly chocolate filling.

The smell isn’t very strong, though the inside has a slightly stronger smell of chocolate over the overall wafer/pastry smell.

The texture is crunchy because of the wafer, but the dark chocolate center takes control as you continue chewing into it.


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    As I said, I like the word structural. It doesn’t seem like it should be a word to describe someone’s face/head, but it works. Is the piroulline structural? Does “snack” have connotations?

    fuglsang - September 28th, 2017 at 9:12 am

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