Get to know Jesseca Ormond

Jesseca Ormand, an international student here at Morningside, has come to us from the Caribbean nation of Antigua. She was born in 1993 on the island known as St. Martin. She has a total of four siblings, though two of them come from her father’s previous relationship¬†before meeting her mother. Jesseca is a Mass Comm major, having always known she wanted to go into public relations and communications. She says “I like communications [and] knowing how that works.” In fact, the reason Jesseca chose Morningside is because of the Mass Comm program and the good scholarships available to her. She decided to come to college in the United States because “you have to know people [in Antigua] or you leave and come back with experience.” This, Jesseca says, is the reason she came to college so late: she needed to raise the funds to come to the US before she could get the experience she needs to get a job in her home country. She also loves photography and the color black, though she knows it’s a shade rather than a color.


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    Lots of good info here, Sondra. Are next stepp will be focusing and arranging it. You might ask yourself what you want readers to think/know when they’re done reading. Then choose the details that will get the story across.

    fuglsang - September 4th, 2017 at 11:37 am

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