Describing Exercise

September 26th, 2017 | Uncategorized |

The Last person I ran into before class was a caucasion male in a decent outfit.  This outfit included dress pants, a fancy looking button up shirt, and a blazer to go over it.  The man seemed to be in his mid to late 50s with fairly thin hair that looked like it had been getting thinner for a while.

I crossed paths with this man on the way to this class in witch I was running late for.  I was not expecting to talk to this man but he spoke to me in a very pleasant tone.

“Good morning!” said the man, “How’s it goin’?”

I replied with my usual, “It’s goin’, how bout you?”

“It’s good!” he returned, and this was the conclusion of my encounter with this man.


The first piece of food I have is a long thin pole shaped object.  It is a tan color with darker brown spiraling stripes.  They crumble like a wafer and smell like it too.  There appears to be chocolate in the center of this “wafer” tube.  I can’t smell the chocolate.  It’s hard, but like I said, has the ability to crack and crumble.  They taste like a less than stellar Keebler cookie.  Very easy to bite in to.  Kind of melt in your mouth. Rating: 6.5/10

The next is a deformed ball shaped object that is soft in texture, as well as squishy.  If squished to hard they will softly separate.  They are covered with a white sandy substance that smells sweet and I can only assume is sugar.  Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. All I taste is rich chocolate. The sugar makes the slightest crunch when you bite down. Rating: 7/10

The third is a weird looking thing indeed.  Just like the previous was a deformed ball, these are deformed cones.  They are red, with green tips.  The seeds in their exterior give them a bumpy texture.  When squeezed, red juice comes out.  They have a white core.  They have a sourish taste, but also have a hint of sweet.  Rating: 6/10

One Response to “Describing Exercise”

  1. Decent outfit? Yu do describe, but I’m still not sure what decent means in this case. The scene seems sort of “off,” though I’m not sure that was your intention. Like the man was undercover or something.

    “Less than stellar Keebler cookie.” Are there stellar Keebler cookies? I want some.

    An interesting approach: describe the mystery object. Some good sensory detail.