News Comment Week 4

September 21st, 2017 | Uncategorized |

This article was written on a study about jellyfish and their sleeping habits.  The theory is, if something doesn’t have a brain, that thing can’t sleep.  But when a scientist observed a tank of jellyfish when he turned out the lights, that opinion changed.  He noticed the jellyfish moving slower when he turned out the lights.

This article is a little misleading in the headline.  The article says it’s “three friends” that figured it out, but the article says nothing about their friendship, just discuses the process.  It just seems pointless to put the “three friends thing in the article to me.

One Response to “News Comment Week 4”

  1. If you read the NYT aricle, the lede is a reference to a 50s/60s hit song.

    It does have a strange interest in how the three worked together, but that is unusual for scientists, who are usually a bit more competitive.