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Troy Gentry of Famous Country Music Duo “Montgomery-Gentry” Dies in Helicopter Crash

On September 8th of 2017, Country music lost one of it’s top artists.  Troy Gentry, of the Montgomery – Gentry Duo, died in a fatal helicopter accident near The Flying W Airport and Resort in Medford, New Jersey around 1:00 PM.  The only occupants of the Helicopter were Gentry and his pilot James Robinson.  Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene while gentry died later in the hospital.

Fox News said The flight was a “spur of the moment” occasion Fox News Entertainment reports.

CNN Reports Pilot James Robinson was giving Gentry an arial tour of the area when he reported  that he was having trouble controlling the helicopter’s Engine RPM. Robinson would try for an emergency landing on the nearest runway.  The helicopter would land short of the runway in some low brush.

Montgomery – Gentry was scheduled to perform later that day at the Flying W Airport and Resort, the same place where the accident happened.  The performance was immediately canceled.

The Local ABC Station reported The Pilot, 30 year old James Robinson, had 2 years of previous flight experience before the crash.  Friends of Robinson believe that it must’ve been a mechanical problem, because of how talented the young pilot was.

The same station interviewed a friend of Robinson’s, “Every time you’d ask him how he was doing? ‘I’m living the dream!’ That’s what he would always say,” said Patti Dole.

Gentry was born in Lexington, Kentucky on April 5, 1968, where he would meet his friend and soon to be bandmate, Eddie Montgomery.  The two would form one of Country Musics great duos that would be responsible for five number one hits.

The death shocked the Country world to say the least.  Many country singers such as Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, and Sheryl Crow all took to twitter to voice their condolences to the families of both Gentry and Robinson

Gentry is survived by both his wife and two daughters.



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