News Comment Week 4

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This article was written on a study about jellyfish and their sleeping habits.  The theory is, if something doesn’t have a brain, that thing can’t sleep.  But when a scientist observed a tank of jellyfish when he turned out the lights, that opinion changed.  He noticed the jellyfish moving slower when he turned out the lights.

This article is a little misleading in the headline.  The article says it’s “three friends” that figured it out, but the article says nothing about their friendship, just discuses the process.  It just seems pointless to put the “three friends thing in the article to me.

Scavenger Hunt

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The things I needed to get from people across campus were a favorite movie/TV Quote, and some pocket lint.  Both seemed they would be pretty easy for me, but this turned out to be a little harder in the end.

The Movie Quote was easy.  I approached a young lady sitting on the patio of the Library and simply asked, “I am working on a project for class and need to ask you a question, what is your favorite Movie or TV quote?”

Abby, the lady I met on the patio, responded without hesitation, “Napoleon Dynamite,” she said, “Eat the food Tina!”

Locating some pocket lint was a little more difficult.  I had to ask 4 different people if they had some pocket lint available.

My first stop was the assistance desk in Lewis Hall, but the person behind the counter said they had already been asked for pocket lint, by someone i presume, was in the same class as me.

After Lewis, I made a stop in the student government office to ask the Student Body President for some lint. “Why can’t you just take some out of your pockets?” Tony Patton, the student body president said, “How would your teacher even know it’s yours?”  Tony did not have any lint in his pockets though so I preceded to my next stop.

I sat down with some gentleman in Buck’s and asked them for some pocket lint.

“We can check,” said one of them, “but we are wearing basketball shorts so I doubt we have any.”

The search would continue as I walked up to some workers sitting in the back of their van.  I thought to myself, “Surely I can find some pocket lint with these guys, they’re all wearing jeans after all.”

Once again, It was more difficult then I presumed.  “This is weird,” said the youngest looking of the three, “You would think I had some.”

“Ope! Here we go!” said one, and  produced a mustard seed sized ball of lint.

“That’ll work,” I replied, then thanked them and continued with my day.

Lead Exercise 4a

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Jet Crashes in Chicago Neighborhood, Killing 42 people

CHICAGO – A United Airlines Jet carrying 61 people crashed in a residential district while making it’s decent on Chicago’s Second City Airport Friday afternoon.  42 bodies have been found in the wreckage, while 16 people, including three flight attendants were admitted to Holy Cross Hospital with injuries.

A survivor claimed that this had all happened because the pilot had “too many cocktails.”

“The last words the pilot said to us were, ‘We are at 4000 feet and everything is going well,’ I knew something was wrong a few seconds later because he began to rev the engines,” said Marvin Anderson of Omaha, one of the few survivors.

This crash happened only a month after a train wreck claimed the lives of 45 in Chicago.

Alderman James Stanley of Chicago said that he hoped nothing happens to his great city again if he could help it.


AAU Student Presumed Dead After Rough Day on Water

DAYTON BEACH – Four Armstrong Aeronautical University students went sailing  yesterday, only 3 would return after a capsized boat and alleged shark attack.  Randy Cohen, Christy Wapniarski, Daniel Perrin, and Tammy Ennis were out on their 16 foot catamaran when a leak sprung and sunk the boat.  The students were wearing no life jackets and the current was strong.

They were four miles from shore when they decided to start swimming back.  While on the way back, Wapniarski called for help.  Cohen said that Wapniarski had said she was being attacked by a shark.  When Cohen reached Wapniarski, she found her unconscious and no sign of a shark.  Perrin would put his arms around Wapniarski and swim with the rest of them for shore.  Cohen would check Wapniarski’s pulse and say she was dead.  Perrin would eventually grow tired, and have to leave the body behind.

It would take 6 hours before the group reached shore.  Cohen had been bitten by dozens of Portuguese men – of  – war.  All would be admitted into Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach.

News Comment Week #4

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This article by the Boston Globe reports ESPN’s 6:00 Co-Anchor Jemele Hill’s anti-Donald Trump tweets.  It is relatively unbiased, as the Boston Globe tends to be.  This is actually impressive since this is a subject a lot of journalists tend to struggle with when it comes to bias.  At the end of the article, the writer connects this situation to another ESPN staff conflict.  While the statue crisis was happening, ESPN decided to pull employee Robert Lee from a broadcast because of his name.  This might have not been needed, but ESPN has been getting wrapped up in racial drama quite a bit recently and it was a good connection.

It’s hard to really paraphrase in this article because Most quotes are the tweets by Hill, which need to be shown in full.  The writer does take chunks from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ reaction to Hill’s tweets, which was written well.

Overall it was a decent article, nothing incredibly special that pops to me, but I am no expert either.  It just did a good job of reporting the news and giving people the information they need on the situation.

Article #1

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Troy Gentry of Famous Country Music Duo “Montgomery-Gentry” Dies in Helicopter Crash

On September 8th of 2017, Country music lost one of it’s top artists.  Troy Gentry, of the Montgomery – Gentry Duo, died in a fatal helicopter accident near The Flying W Airport and Resort in Medford, New Jersey around 1:00 PM.  The only occupants of the Helicopter were Gentry and his pilot James Robinson.  Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene while gentry died later in the hospital.

Fox News said The flight was a “spur of the moment” occasion Fox News Entertainment reports.

CNN Reports Pilot James Robinson was giving Gentry an arial tour of the area when he reported  that he was having trouble controlling the helicopter’s Engine RPM. Robinson would try for an emergency landing on the nearest runway.  The helicopter would land short of the runway in some low brush.

Montgomery – Gentry was scheduled to perform later that day at the Flying W Airport and Resort, the same place where the accident happened.  The performance was immediately canceled.

The Local ABC Station reported The Pilot, 30 year old James Robinson, had 2 years of previous flight experience before the crash.  Friends of Robinson believe that it must’ve been a mechanical problem, because of how talented the young pilot was.

The same station interviewed a friend of Robinson’s, “Every time you’d ask him how he was doing? ‘I’m living the dream!’ That’s what he would always say,” said Patti Dole.

Gentry was born in Lexington, Kentucky on April 5, 1968, where he would meet his friend and soon to be bandmate, Eddie Montgomery.  The two would form one of Country Musics great duos that would be responsible for five number one hits.

The death shocked the Country world to say the least.  Many country singers such as Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, and Sheryl Crow all took to twitter to voice their condolences to the families of both Gentry and Robinson

Gentry is survived by both his wife and two daughters.



Lede Exercise 1

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Ten East High Upperclassmen Suspended for multiple false Alarms

Three false fire alarms went off last Wednesday at East High.  The culprits of the alarms was a group of frustrated students protesting suspensions from the week prior.

According to East High’s principal, there were five students suspended for a week after they were caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot.  A group of students, upset with the suspensions given to those caught in the parking lot, decided to set off some fire alarms three times throughout the Wednesday school day.

The alarms weren’t the only “protest” incident that week.  On that Tuesday, a food fight broke out that would close the cafeteria.  After these two incidents, a total of ten upperclassmen were suspended for their behavior.

The principal didn’t seem too worried about the situation getting any worse. “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near”, she said, “I see no continuation of these incidents in the near future.