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Welcome to the Morning Quick 5 on 1404 KSMC AM, Sioux City.

A quick look at the local landscape:

A century old time capsule was removed from the cornerstone of the Woodbury county court house on Tuesday in preparation for the buildings centennial celebration next year.  The box is said to include some old coins, a picture of President Woodrow Wilson, and results from a local election that year.  It also contains articles from the Sioux city Journal in the early 1900s.  The box is to be opened November 21st at 3:45 PM.

A Dubuque Boy was injured in a hunting accident in Jackson County when his firearm malfunctioned.  Officers say during a pheasant hunt, the boy shot at a pheasant and his firearm exploded, causing fragments of the shell to escape out the side of the gun, hurting his thumb by breaking the tip.  The boy was transported to Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque where he was treated for his injury.

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Taking a look at news from around the country:

Tampa Police believe a serial killer has claimed his fourth victim as a man walked to church Tuesday morning to feed the homeless.  Ronald Felton was gunned down in Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood, where three others have been killed by the same person.  Police have urged residents to stay in their homes and check to see if  any guns were missing.

Five people are dead, including the suspected gunman after a mass shooting near a school in Northern California. Police in Tay – Heema County confirmed two children were among the ten wounded early today in the attack in the rural community North of Sacramento.  Police say they don’t have a motive for the shooting.

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Now for a look at this week in sports:

The Miami Marlins continue their quest to trade mega – star Jēun-carlo Stanton.  Stanton has given a list of teams he is both interested and not interested in.  According to sources, Stanton’s interests include the Dodgers and Giants.  Teams he has ruled out are the Red Sox and Cardinals.  Stanton has a no trade clause in contract, so he may have final say in any of the Marlins trade requests.

The latest College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night and Alabama has once again reclaimed the top spot.  Clemson was placed at second, followed by Miami of Florida, and Oklahoma.  Wisconsin and Auburn are the next two out.  Alabama, Miami, Wisconsin, and Central Florida are the only remaining undefeated teams in the FBS.

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That is all for the morning quick 5 here on 1404, KSMC, Sioux City.  Thank you for tuning in and join us tomorrow morning.

Emma Watson Story

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“For the first time in my life, I found a brotherhood; a sisterhood – whatever, however you want to describe it – I found my tribe”

Actress Emma Watson moved the audience at the One Young World summit in Ottawa,  Canada with many heart felt phrases like this one .

Watson, an actress, has decided to embrace the feminist movement as well as become an activist for the cause.  Watson is probably most famous for her roll in the Harry Potter franchise, and now will be known for her actions to progress the feminism movement.

“…The truth is, it had never been about being an activist. It was the choice to make myself visible, and the choices that you made to do that too,” this is how watson explained her nervousness in becoming a voice for the feminist cause, and speaking at events such as One Young World.

One Young world was founded in 2010 and is a non – profit organization.  It tries to bring people, celebrities like Watson, to push toward solving some of the worlds most outstanding problems.

Watson’s speech described how great it was to finally embrace such a group or movement such as the feminist cause.  She continued by telling the audience how important it was to speak up, and stand up for what you believe in, because once she did it, she felt relieved and satisfied.

News Comment

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This article is a preview of the upcoming heavyweight championship fight between Anthony Joshua of Britain, and Carlos Takam of France.

This article takes Takam’s point of view on the preview of the fight, trying to dig in to what Takam feels about the upcoming fight.  It has some good quotes, despite Takam’s unwillingness to actually give some straight up answers to Gareth Davies questions.  The article does have a headline saying that Takam believes he can knock out Joshua, which Takam never really says that.  But every underdog boxer believes they have a fight plan to knock out the defending champ, no matter who it is.

Science Article

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Carnivores  dinosaurs are some of the most studied of the ancient creatures, and a new one was just discovered in Southern Africa.  And this one is big.

The Kayentapus Ambrokholohali’s footprints were found in Lesotho.  These footprints measured 50 cm long and 57 cm wide.  This gives the KA an estimated size of 30 meters in length, and 3 meters in height.


The KA belongs to a group of dinosaurs called megatheropods.  another notable dinosaur belonging to this group is probably the most famous, and that is the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

Dr. Fabien Knoll, a Senior Research Fellow at Manchester University expressed the importance of the discovery. “The latest discovery is very exiting,” Knoll said, “It sheds new light on the type of carnivore that roamed southern africa.”

The discovery of the KA is a big one not just because of it’s size and group, but because of it’s location.

“This is the first evidence of an extremely large meat eating animal roaming a landscape otherwise dominated by a variety of herbivores, “Knoll said, “It really would have been the top of the food chain.”

These footprints also date back to a time before many megatheropods ever showed up.  This being in the early Jurassic period.  The T-Rex didn’t show up till around the early Cretaceous period.  The Allosaurus, another famous megatheropod, didn’t come around until the late Jurassic, so that not only leaves the KA as the dominant predator of it’s area, but possibly it’s age.

Shooting Newscast

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A shooting brought a wedding to a halt Saturday on Black Street.

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Richard and Laurette Brunson were married Saturday on the front porch of their home.  According to Police Sgt. Mann, Richard Brunson shot his newly wed wife Laurette Kenny Brunson around 5pm.

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Laurette is the mother of 3 children, and had recently quit her job working for a government housing program.  Brunson is a Construction worker.

Hospital officials say that Mrs. Brunson was shot in the abdomen, but is in Satisfactory condition.



Article #2

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FBI Stings the Blue Bloods

Louisville.  Arizona.  Miami.  Oklahoma State.  Auburn.  South Carolina.  These were the schools on the FBI’s list of schools that were involved in a deep winding scandal that will have dire consequences according to USA Today.  This scandal is still fairly confusing to the public, and that is understandable, because there are many variables involved.

SB Nation, one of the sports world’s most popular blogs, did their best to simplify the situation for those trying to understand it.  There is no real place to start, but the biggest group would be the shoe companies involved.  The school would receive sponsorship from a shoe company, who would also would give the schools recruits cash, as long as the assistant coaches would point their players toward agents that will in turn point these athletes to the original shoe brand that is involved when they go pro.

USA today also states how this could greatly effect the future of college basketball.  USA Today sportswriter Dan Woken states how this will open further investigations into college basketball, especially the blue bloods.

Sonny Vaccaro, a long time marketing rep for Nike, doesn’t believe that this scandal is any different from any previous college basketball scandals.

In an interview for USA Today’s Lindsay Schnell, Vaccoro stated, “The NCAA is no virgin here, They’ve had scandals forever.”

So what do the college basketball fan’s think of this?

“I would think college basketball coaches would hold themselves to a higher standard than this,” Tim Brink, a student athlete at Morningside College said, “The head coaches had to know this had to be going on.”

The fans reaction to this has been very mixed, some are very concerned about the way college basketball is corrupted, other’s agree with Vaccaro, and believe this is just another scandal like before.

“I think it’s popularity will continue,” said Brink, “It’s way too big of a deal to lose popularity over another scandal.”

Brink believes that if anybody is blamed, it shouldn’t be the student athletes.