Nov 15 2017

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Talk to a not-so-complete stranger

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Her name is Dayana Carbo. She’s a full-time student at Morningside College.

Her major is sociology. She doesn’t feel invisible to other students. The reason is that she likes to be around people.

One interesting fact about Dayana is that she was born in New York and was raised in Ecuador until she was ten. She moved back to the United States.

She’s married and has one child, a daughter. Her daughter will turn four in January.

The most challenging part of being a mom is “being more afraid of her future.” The reason is that the world is not a safe place anymore.

She also afraid of everything for her daughter because she wants to make sure that her daughter will be alright in the world when she gets older.

Being married and in college at the same time is challenging for Dayana. She wants to hang out, party, and be more involved on campus if she’s single, but loves being a mom.

Balancing the roles of mom, wife, and student is sometimes impossible to do, but it depends on the day. She says that “she loves having those roles and wouldn’t change anything about it.”

For Dayana, family life is very significant to her. She wants to make sure that she’s able to be there for her daughter anytime.

One fact that surprised me when interviewing her is that she loves being in college. She loves being around educated people.

She said that “college is a nice break from being around her husband and daughter.”

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2 Responses to “Talk to a not-so-complete stranger”

  1. fuglsangon 19 Nov 2017 at 11:35 PM 1

    Dayana might be a good subject for your profile. She has a number of obstacles to overcome, every day. She has an interesting background. She has hopes and dreams. And it sounds like she has a sense of humor (the last line).

    How is Dayana pronounced?

  2. Reillyon 20 Nov 2017 at 11:37 AM 2

    Her name is pronounced Di-an-a.