Nov 09 2017

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Good morning everyone, I’m Reilly Mahon reporting for M-C-T-V. Here are the top stories of the hour.

The Morningside College Women’s Basketball team season has currently started out pretty slow. With three wins and two losses right now, they need to improve in order to make it to the playoffs.

The improvements need to be shown at their next couple of games, in order to be seen as a competitive team.

The improvements will help them make it into the GPAC tournament and have a shot of winning the championship.

I spoke to Daniel Ver Staag, one of the play-by-play announcers for the Women’s Basketball games this season about how they’re currently doing and what they can do to improve.

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Their next game is at home on November 10th at 6 P.M.


After the recent Manhattan Terror Attack and the Sutherland Springs church shooting, the safety concern in this country is up and will stay up for a while.

This has been an issue in this country lately because of so many shootings in the last couple of years. The terror attacks internationally are making the situation worse because they have made people worry about traveling to outside of the U.S.

Safety should also be look at locally in cities like Sioux City and local colleges like Morningside College.

I spoke to Brett Lyons, one of the security guards for Morningside College about what they will do if a terror attack or shooting happens on campus.

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In today’s world, safety is a factor that people are looking at constantly all the time.


In the last week, President Donald Trump has threatened the Department of Justice and the job of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump wants an investigation on the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

One issue in this situation is that the President force an investigation to happen without having evidence to back him up to the DOJ.  Another issue is that the President threaten Sessions’s job because he is not doing what Trump wants him to do.

I spoke with James Fardan, a member of the Morningside Civic Union about if its legal for the President is threatening Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ job and the issue with the investigation on the DNC and Clinton.

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The President needs to provide the DOJ with evidence before an investigation begins and in order for an investigation to happen.



That’s it for the news this hour, once again, I’m Reilly Mahon reporting for M-C-T-V. Thank you for listening and come back tomorrow at the same time for the news.

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