Oct 05 2017

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Media Comparison (News Comment 7)

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-ABC News

The broadcast video goes straight to the headline and gives the central detail where people want to be tuned in to watch. The print story has the lead that is the State Department spokesperson talking to the press.

The length and content of the video are bringing information in about two minutes but also the most important details first.

The print story’s length and content are updating readers on the situation between Tillerson and Trump. The article is longer than the video, and the material in the print story is more detailed than the video.

Both the video and story use sources and quotes from the State Department spokesperson, Tillerson, Trump, and Trump’s tweet.

The print used sources like NBC News and a quote from an NBC report. The video used a quote from GOP Senator Bob Corker.

Both the print and video used attribution correctly to tell the readers where these quotes and sources.

Print and video can tell the viewers/readers where these came from and showed proof by linking the source in the story and having clips of that person(s) speaking.

The role of sounds and pictures help the audience see what is being talked about and see what the person(s) look like and match the voice to a face.

Something interesting about comparing the print story to a broadcast video is how they are both about the same topic and article but also can be two entirely different stories at the same time too.

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  1. fuglsangon 10 Oct 2017 at 9:11 AM 1

    They become two different stories for a variety of reasons, Reilly. One, they have different audiences. Two, they’re done with different meida that have different purposes. Good discussion.