Sep 28 2017

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Alex Watters Interview

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Morningside College is improving the accessibility for handicaps, but he thinks that it’s not “fast enough” in his opinion.

Alex Watters is a first-year advisor at Morningside College who came into class to discuss how the college can be more accessible.

Watters said that “costs is a big issue to have more accessibility and demographics of who’s going to use it.”

The college needs to be updating and add on more accessibility in the older buildings. Morningside is an old college that needs to be often updated.

The older buildings have ground level opening in the back but no way of getting up to the upper levels. Getting to the higher levels in the buildings more accessible is something that Morningside needs to think about when renovating the buildings.

He said that “build an elevator outside of the buildings” could be a possibility but it all goes back to costs.

The college needs to “address some concerns” when it comes to updating the accessibility all around like the older dorms also need to become more accessible for handicaps.

He said, “Adapt to some things at the campus like the Student Center.” There used to be an elevator, but it was taken out to make the dining hall “more presentable.”

He mentioned that if the updating and add-ons do happen, that means tuition goes up for every student at Morningside. The increase in expenditure is one thing that students don’t want to deal with when paying for their education.

It is all about the costs of updating and add-ons that the college has to worry about if it is needed or not.


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