Sep 26 2017

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Observation Exercise: The Library

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The library is big, almost empty, and quiet. The library has two levels where there are no classrooms, just places to study.

The first level has more chairs, tables, and open space for students to move around. This level only has two full bookcases.

The second level has the 23 bookcases full of books for almost all classes. There is some space on this level to study but not as much as the first tier.

The library is peaceful and relaxing to go to after a long day of classes. The library doors open and close and people walking up and down the stairs are loud and easily distracting sounds for someone who’s studying.

Students come and go in the library. Some of them walk through to get to their next class. While others walk to find a place to do their homework.

The main sounds of the library are people walking, their car keys moving with their backpacks, setting their bags down, and going through the backpacks to find what they need to help them study.s

Some conversations are going on in the library but can barely understand them. Once in a while, a conversation can get very loud to where everyone in the library can hear every detail of that conversation.

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  1. fuglsangon 02 Oct 2017 at 7:18 PM 1

    What is “peaceful” about the library? What detail could you use to show peaceful? Nosy students do not seem peaceful. You include sight and sound. Smell? Coffeeicious? Cold? Damp?