Sep 15 2017

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How Politics Have Made College Campuses Unsafe for People who Have Different Views than the Majority of the College

The political world that the United States has created is forcing college campuses to become dangerous places for students who do not have the same political views as the majority of the school.

These students are trump-supporters, conservative Republicans who are going to liberal colleges to get their respected degrees. They feel like they have to hide from their college and are afraid to speak out about anything involving politics.

The danger started with political correctness on college campuses where students are not allowed to say something that might offend someone who doesn’t agree with them. This backlash is causing a huge change on campuses around the country.

Political correctness is a big part of why colleges are becoming unsafe for different opinions and views to be heard and discuss without some controversy. This correctness has caused students not handle opinions from the “other” side.

Ruth Sherlock from The Telegraph wrote an article about how political correctness is hurting American campuses. She discusses not only students are affected by this correctness but professors too.

She states, “The introduction of “trigger warnings” may have been designed to protect people who have suffered serious trauma, but critics fear they are now a means to prevent the free discussion in class that is an essential part of academic learning.”

She also talks about how students are now changing what professors are teaching in their classes and how professors are not able to teach the courses the way they’ve always done because of political correctness.

She puts in her article that political correctness is far from advance social justice, they are limiting freedom of speech according to faculty members of Harvard Law School she talked.

Political correctness has made college campuses more dangerous than ever that started with the 2016 Presidential election. This particular election has made a lasting impact on universities for generations to come.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times put in a quote in his article that comes from Van Jones that states, “I don’t want you to be safe, ideologically. I don’t want you to be safe, emotionally. I want you to be strong. That’s different. I’m not going to pave the jungle for you. Put on some boots, and learn how to deal with adversity.”

Bruni discusses that protests are not the problem, it is how controlling people by shaming and silencing them is doing the opposite of what the protests’ goals are. He knows that protests make a change to society as a whole, but he doesn’t discuss what happens when a protest turns into violence that causes innocent people to get hurt.

But what continues this is the fact that their voices not heard and the fear of unsafety at college campuses. Republicans on college campuses are feeling threatened, harassed, and hated because of the 2016 election and their political views.

More university students and professors have identified themselves as liberals than conservatives. The liberal colleges have made conservatives feel left out and alone when they are on college campuses.

Clare Foran of The Atlantic wrote in her article that “Add to that a wave of liberal activism pushing for trigger warnings and safe spaces at universities—demands that critics describe as codding at best and threats to free speech at worst—and a presidential election filled with divisive insults, and it’s not hard to see how the divide between college Republicans who support Trump and the rest of the student body may have widened on college campuses across the country.”

College Democrats have thrown insults like racist, sexist, homophobic, and other bigotry words that do not describe the majority of college Republicans. Republicans are hated more than ever on campuses because of the 2016 election.

Foran discusses how the Black Lives Matter movement inspired young liberals on college campuses to denounce and call out racism whenever they believe they see it exists. She also talks about how liberal students have the belief that anyone who supports Trump is a racist and should be labeled a racist.

The 2016 Presidential election was a big chance for college Republicans to speak out and show their political views for Donald Trump. The Trump victory didn’t change the environment of the liberal college campuses.

Donald Trump winning the Presidential election gave college Republicans an opportunity to have the chance to speak out and stand up for what they believe. If Trump lost the election, then college Republicans would be even more alienated than ever at college campuses.

Today’s political world has changed college campuses forever. College campuses need to give college Republicans space where they can speak out. Universities also need to have liberals and conservatives discuss difficult topics that require both sides to have their voices heard.

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