Jordan’s Photography Experience

September 3rd, 2016

It was a Tuesday when Jordan  was asked to take pictures for the Institutional Advancement Office. The Institutional Advancement department on the Morningside College Campus is the organization that raises money and works with alumni and faculty members. Jordan has worked for the office and owns a nice camera, so he was a perfect fit for the job.

At approximately 3 pm on Thursday afternoon, Jordan got his camera from his room and walked to the bubbling fountain in the center of the campus. That was the first location for photographing. There was a fairly large group of fifteen to twenty people who needed individual headshots taken, as well as being in a group picture. From the fountain, Jordan proceeded to take pictures of the Institutional Advancement group at other locations around campus, one of them being the infamous Spoonholder.

Jordan had different feelings while performing his duties as photographer. He felt proud and important snapping each photo. However, at the same time he let thoughts get into his head about the pressure that was on him. On top of that, he was using a newer camera that he was not as familiar with.

Jordan felt the most pressure while being in charge of arranging  the small herd of people into a decent looking group photo of the department. For the most part everyone was pretty cooperative, yet there’s that one in every bunch. Jordan had to use some extra coaxing for a certain student to cooperate. Despite some impatience and frustration on the inside, Jordan appeared calm and collected on the outside.

The interaction with some of his friends during the head shot portion of the photography session was more laid back. Some students he recognized from the Mass Communications that he is currently in. With those students Jordan exchanged a few “Hey how are you’s?”.

He also recognized a freshman girl he has seen at MAC events. There is a running inside joke within that group that if you want something you have to give the person a hug first. Jordan and the Freshman enjoyed some friendly banter with the running joke.

To catch Jordan off guard the Freshman asked before her headshot, “Do I need to give you a hug to get my picture taken?”

Not missing a beat Jordan cheekily replied, “Yeah, you do!”. This ended up taking her off-guard.

These interactions with the students is what helped Jordan to relax and enjoy his job of being a photographer.

3 Responses to “Jordan’s Photography Experience”

  1. fuglsang on September 11, 2016 1:02 pm

    This seems one of those times where you could try a delayed lead. Jump into the story in the first graf — maybe begin at the fountain. Catch the reader’s interest in the story at the top. Then back up and explain why Jordan is there and what he’s doing. You might include some sense of Jordan’s discomfort/anxiety up top as well.

    I like “small herd.” More on the “coaxing.” How did that work?

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