Why Do We Need Stories?

August 24th, 2016

A story is an account of incidents or events according to Merriam Webster. To me a story is something with a beginning, middle and end. It should have a point to it as well. For example, it could be comical for entertainment, or on a more serious note it could be more factual. Stories can be both short and long in length.

In the journalism world, there are news stories. These stories can entertain and/or inform people on current events. To a young child, a story is viewed more as entertainment. For example, “The Three Bears” is a fictitious story. It has a plot line with a beginning, middle and end. This story along with other fairy tails have hidden lessons or meaning.

We need stories so we can stay informed and/or entertained. All age levels keep up to date with either life lessons or new facts with some type of story. The author of a story also benefits as well. They get to express themselves and maybe even learn something new while serving others.

3 Responses to “Why Do We Need Stories?”

  1. fuglsang on August 28, 2016 2:57 pm

    That second paragraph is what I was looking for, Rachael. Stories can inform and entertain, but they also teach. What’s the lesson of the Three Bears? (Or any fable, tall tale, nursery rhyme, etc.) Similarly, what’s the lesson of the story I used in class, the one about the guy paying for the teacher’s school supplies?

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