Story 3 Final

November 16th, 2015

Air Conditioning is a “cool” addition to Morningside’s Dimmitt Hall. Students are excited about all the recent updates to the Campus’s oldest residence hall.

The beginning of the Fall 2015 semester was the beginning of a new era for Dimmitt Hall. The new renovations include refurnished rooms,  free laundry on every floor, and of course air conditioning.

Dimmitt resident Emily Muyskens is overall pleased with the renovations. She explains some of her favorite things about it.

“I really like the air-conditioning. I think it’s really nice to be able to personalize it for your own room because last year it got really stuffy in the building. I also really like just how it looks in general, it’s much more open and easier to get around in it.” said Muyskens.

Other likes from the students are the new furniture in the rooms and the lounges. Students are also taking advantage of the music practice room with the piano.

The next project for Dimmitt will be more landscaping.

Now in political news-

Iowans are still upset with Trump’s recent corny insult on them. Trump retaliates that it was his intern’s words.

Trump sent out an insulting tweet last month about Iowa because he is slipping in the polls behind Carson.

“Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain” was tweeted under Trump’s name.

Morningside student Kelsey Brenner explains her initial reaction to the tweet.

“My initial reaction is not appropriate to say, but I mean I just think he’s dumb and shouldn’t be running for president.” said Brenner.

According to TIME magazine Trump claims that it was a young intern who sent out the tweet and later apologized.

Regardless of who actually sent out the tweet, Brenner along with other Iowan’s believe the damage is already done. Brenner explains that she can still imagine Trump being the one behind the tweet due to lack of evidence.

“It wouldn’t surprise if he did say it, with everything else he’s said. It’s hard to believe or not believe because you don’t really have like physical proof to show otherwise.” commented Brenner.

Trump has yet to gain back Iowa.

Now in national news-

Recent school shootings have led to a boost of awareness and action plans for schools around the U.S.

October 1, 2015 Umpqua Community College in Oregon was devastated by a shooter on campus. There has been 142 school shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting back in December of 2012.

Joelle Kruger is an RA on Morningside Campus. Here are her initial thoughts of the recent shooting in Oregon.

“It makes me a little bit concerned, but at the same time doesn’t surprise me. So I mean it’s not something new. I guess it’s scary that it’s happening more recently” said Kruger.

Kruger agrees that students and faculty on Morningside Campus should be kept up to date on how to respond in the presence of a shooter. She gives some tips from her RA training.

“The best step to do is to keep moving. Do not hide under a table because then you’re just  a target thats by like itself.” said Kruger.

Staying informed and up to do date is something all students and faculty can do.


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