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September 22nd, 2015

Tom Brady Does Not Have to Serve Four-Game Suspension, NFL Appeals

By Rachael Arnts


Judge Richard Berman ruled in favor of Tom Brady to not get suspended due to evidence deficiencies. The NFL appealed the decision.

The big question over the summer was whether or not Brady would have to serve a four game suspension at the beginning of the regular season. After seven months of waiting for answers, Judge Richard Berman announced his ruling on September 3rd. Tom Brady won over Goodell, who has filed an appeal.

According to, Brady shared his exciting news of his win on Facebook by thanking his family and supporters. He also apologized to anyone he may have hurt during this legal process; especially the league that should not have to endure matters like this. He wishes for all the attention to go back to the players and coaches of the game.

“I don’t think it has been good for our sport — to a large degree, we have all lost.” stated Tom Brady.

According to CNN, Judge Berman did not care for the way Goodell handled the investigations and said he found, “several significant legal deficiencies”. These included the NFL not giving Brady equal access rights to files for investigation, along with not giving him enough notice about the suspension.

Goodell says he is grateful for Judge Berman taking on the case, but has to respectfully disagree with him. As Commissioner he wants to institute fairness between all thirty-two teams CNN states.

Last season, during the AFC Championship, New England Patriots starting Quarterback Tom Brady was initiated accusations. He was blamed to be aware of cheating by having the football being deflated below regulation standards. The “Deflategate” hype picked up when the Patriots won the 49th Super Bowl. Roger Goodell the Commissioner of the National Football League took Brady to court in Foxborough, MA.

According to CNN, Roger Goodell stated, “While the legal phase of this process continues, we look forward to focusing on football and the opening of the regular season.”

According to, Brady can still play during the appeal process. If Brady had been suspended, the opening ceremony of the Kick-off game would have been different since the Super Bowl MVP could not have participated. also mentioned that Goodell will not make the customary first game appearance. Instead, he will watch the game at his home because he wants all of the focus to be on the actual opening game between the Patriots and the Steelers.

According to the New York Times, Brady is ready for “Deflategate” to be in the past. He wants his team, as well as himself, to be focused on this season as reigning Super Bowl Champs. Brady respects Goodell’s decision for appealing because it was his right to do so. However, this will cause the case to go on for months to come.

“I think that’s just part of this process,” he said. “My part is to get ready to play football, and that’s what I’m really excited to do.” Brady said according to the New York Times.

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