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September 14th, 2015

I read an article form the New York Times called, “Egypt Security Forces Accidentally Kill Mexican Tourists” by Liam Stack. It’s about how Egyptian security forces shot a tour group that had been mistaken for terrorists because they were driving in a prohibited area.

This story is newsworthy because it touches on the news value: bizarre. How to do trained security guards accidentally kill tourists?

The audience would be for adults, Egypt, Mexico and maybe anyone planning on taking a desert tour in Egypt.

The lead answered who, when, where, and what. The number of the deaths and injured were given in the lead. The only thing that it didn’t give was why. If you really wanted to know why then you had the option to keep reading.

Since this was recent (last night) there is still more evidence to be found. Such as, why was the tour in a prohibited area to begin with? That is something that I would like to know.

I like this article and wouldn’t have done anything differently. You can tell that the author got information from a lot of different sources from both Egypt and Mexico.


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