Pride and Predjudice

March 2nd, 2015

Lady Catherine De Bourgh seems to be the opposite of most of the characters in Pride and Prejudice. Lady Catherine even seems to put Mrs. Bennet in her place with her blunt remarks about everything. She is used to being rich, spoiled, and having everything go her way. She doesn’t listen to anyone’s opinion except for her own. That is why it was such a shock to her to speak to Elizabeth. “Miss Bennet, do you know who I am? I have not been accustomed to such language as this” (300). She wants only the best for her daughter and that is why she is threatening Elizabeth not to marry Darcy because her daughter is intended for him. She really makes it known that she is of a much higher class than the Bennet’s.

Her values conflict with everyone around her. For example, Mr. Collins bends over backwards to please her high maintenance tastes. Elizabeth is really the only one brave enough to stand up to her and even she gets hurt by Lady Catherine’s selfishness.

With Lady Catherine’s selfish values her decision-making process is influenced to make decisions that only benefit her and not care about anyone else’s feelings.

As mentioned earlier the only conflict that this character has is with Elizabeth possibly marrying Mr. Darcy. Lady Catherine left that conversation knowing that at the moment Darcy and Elizabeth weren’t engaged, yet failed to get the promise that the two of them never would. We can assume she was furious when they did marry.

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