November, 2010

Friday 11-19-10

I choose this article because I thought it was interesting. I love chocolate and to know that it is kind of good for you just makes me love it even more. I think stories like this appeal to certain audiences, like me, and can make reading the news more interesting.

Audio Story


Friday Article 11-12-10

I think this article is pretty funny. The whole time I was reading the story I was picturing mom’s running from target to wall-mart trying to find the best deals. Although the story gave quality information about the difference between target and wall-mart, the story might have been better if they got quotes from actual moms looking for the best deals. The quotes would have added a conversational feel and draw the reader in more.


Introduction: President Obama is changing health care. He is making it more affordable and more accessible.  2014 is when the Affordable Care Act will allow access to state-run health care.

I sat down with (Teacher) and asked what they thought about his new plan,

Quote about 15 sec

Ask 2-3 students depending on time,

How does Obama’s health care plan affect you?

Do you agree with Obama’s healthcare plan? Why?

Conclusion: You might agree with Obama’s plan, or you might not, either way it is going to affect you.

Friday Article

This article didn’t surprise me. I know obesity is a huge problem, but most of the time you hear about child obesity and not so much in adults. The article is pretty well written with a good lead and good organization of facts and information.