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Destiny 2 Changes almost Everything in Forsaken Expansion

Coming next week on September 4th, Destiny 2 (D2) will be launching its new expansion named Forsaken. In Forsaken, many components that make D2 the game that it is are going to change, including the death of a fan favorite non-player character (NPC).

This NPC is named Cayde-6, and is one of the three leaders of the Guardians–humanities last hope, and warriors of the Light. Cayde helped oversee a prison in the Reef, and when a disturbance occurs, he goes to fix what is happening. While he’s there, he’s killed by Uldren Sov, an NPC who hasn’t been seen since the beginning of the second year of the original Destiny game. In a video released on August 28th, we see how the rest of the Vanguard and the main character (you) react to Cayde’s death.



Some of the other changes that are coming are that the mod system is being changed, the weapon slots are being revamped, class skills are changing and getting a boost, and the in-game economy is changing as well.

All of these changes (except for Cayde’s death) were things that the Destiny community as a whole wanted to happen. While nobody wanted Cayde to die, it was something that needed to happen. Destiny was losing a lot of players, and this is definitely what could bring them back.

Transferring in, Diego Marquez

Diego Marquez is a junior at Morningside who transferred in from the University of South Dakota. He is originally from Sioux City, and decided to transfer to Morningside because it’s closer to home, and gave him some better opportunities.

Marquez is on the dance team, and is a mass communication major. In his free time he naps, and spends time with his friends. He said that his after school plans involve being an admissions councilor and working at a news station.

Profile Paper

Jim Sykes is the head coach of the Men’s Basketball team here at Morningside. During his time here, he has put together one of the most impressive coaching resumes since he was promoted to the position of head coach in January of the team’s 2003-2004 campaign. He has recorded a .647 winning percentage, and a 277-151 win loss record (Coaches). Jake Brand, a current student at Morningside and a former men’s basketball player said, “Coach Sykes is a really good guy. He’s always been very professional on and off the court, and has never been rude to me.”

But how did Sykes make it to Morningside? Why did he decided to become a coach? In an interview with Sykes in the spring semester of last year, I found out the answers to these questions.

Jim Sykes first decided he wanted to be an elementary teacher and a coach after he was influenced by his 6th grade teacher Mr. Neumeier. Athletics were always at the core of what Sykes wanted to do. He played several sports in school, and thought the coaching aspect might be fun as well. “I figured if I wasn’t good enough to play, maybe I’d be good enough to coach,” Sykes said in the interview.

When Sykes first started working as a teacher and a coach, he was teaching elementary school in Waverly, Nebraska. He helped as an assistant coach on the football team, and was the head coach of the basketball team. He said that the sport he chose to be the head coach for was a close call. He liked the atmosphere that football provided, but also liked being able to coach five guys on a court, and being in charge of both offense and defense. Zach Polk, a Morningside alumni and former basketball player under Sykes said, “His coaching style is intense. You have to be able to handle the intensity of his coaching style or you might crumble under the pressure. You have to realize though, he’s doing the things he’s doing because he wants the team to succeed.”

The chance to coach at Morningside was an opportunity for Sykes. An acquaintance of his got the head coaching position for the Men’s Basketball team, and asked if Sykes would be interested in being his assistant. As was stated earlier, Sykes gained the head coaching position after being promoted there in the middle of the 2003-2004 season.



Coaches. (n.d.). Retrieved December 1, 2017, from

PR Release for Mari Pizzini

Marcus Mackey

Phone: (!!!) !!!-!!!!


Morningside Freshman Mari Pizzini from Helena, Montana just had a short story published by The Kiosk on campus. Pizzini, a 2017 graduate from Helena High School wrote a short story on her last few days in Montana, before moving to campus for classes.

When asked about the publication of her story, she said, “I love writing, and honestly, I’ve wanted to be an author since I was about eight years old.” She also said that this was her first submission to The Kiosk, and her first story to be published ever.

Pizzini has decided to continue writing stories, and try to be published again. She said that she will probably continue to write short non-fiction and documentary type stories, because she likes telling people the truth.

Sondra Thoreson: Neutral

Sondra Thoreson decided that one word that would describe herself well was neutral. She said it worked because she doesn’t really go to extremes, and just kind of sits in the middle.

Thoreson didn’t really have one particular story to tell, but instead made her story one about her life. “Throughout my life, it seems that if I had one extreme, I immediately went to the other,” she said. “I had a pretty bad temper when I was little. If something didn’t go my way, I’d throw a massive fit. Just throwing stuff and screaming.”

“As I got older though, I started to mellow out. By the time I got into middle school, I kind of didn’t care about anything at all. I just let whatever happened happen.”

Thoreson now finds herself in the same shoes as many college students. Sometimes she does get a emotional, and other times she doesn’t. “Now that I’m in college, I kind of go back and forth. Sometimes I get angry, whether it be at an assignment, or a person, and sometimes I just don’t care about what’s going on.”

Broadcast Story Script (Minus Quotes)


According to the New York Times, Syria announced during climate talks with the United Nations that it would sign the Paris Climate Accord. This move follows the decision made by Nicaragua to do the same last month. This agreement leaves only the United States to sign the Accord. According to many people present at the talks in Germany, the Syrian delegate said that the country was ready to send its ratification of the agreement to the U.N.

Syria has been fighting a civil war since 2011, and was subject to European and American sanctions. This made it extremely difficult for them to send a representative when the Accord was first drafted.



According to, last Wednesday Twitter announced that it removed its verification mark from several controversial accounts. Many prominent far-right figures complained that conservatives were being targeted by this move by the social media giant. The verification guidelines were also updated to involve information detailing when account verification could be revoked. All these moves came after the uproar caused by the verification of the organizer from the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Jason Kessler, the rally’s organizer, tweeted that the social media site was trying to censor him by making the policy changes. Twitter removed the verification for his account, but had not blocked him, or any of the other users that lost their verification marks, from continuing to use the site.



Mustang Football is once again your GPAC Champions. This makes the seventh year in a row for the Mustangs, and the good news doesn’t stop there. The Mustangs went undefeated on the season, which helped them out for the postseason to come. By going undefeated on the year, Morningside clinched itself the number three spot in the nation for the season, giving it a home field advantage for at least the first two rounds of the playoffs.

In the first round the Mustangs faced off against the Sterling Warriors. The Mustangs won the game 63-7, and got ready for their next game in the second round. They will face off against the St. Xavier Cougars, who also won their first round game.

Nat the Freshman Rewrite

Nat Simpson is a freshman on Mornignside’s campus, and is actually quite unique.

While Nat has chosen to major in graphic design, she hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to do with it. He also hasn’t figured out what she wants as her minor, or cluster, but has hopes for something good.

When asked what made her unique, she said, “I don’t have a favorite anything. Like nothing at all. No favorite color, or food, or movie. Oh, but cats are my favorite. I like cats.” She also said that she knows a lot of cat facts.

She likes to hang out with her friends. Most of the time they’re playing games. “We do a lot of the Pathfinder thing,” she said. “You know, the whole D&D thing.”

If they aren’t playing games, they’re making late night Wal-Mart runs.

She as a job at Hy-Vee, and said that she was just looking for a place to make money, and that she applied in the middle of the night.

She said that most of her motivation to do things comes in the middle of the night. This would explain the late night Wal-Mart runs, and the middle of the night  application to Hy-Vee.


Speech Story

Feminism is something that can be highly questionable, but some people are trying to bring what they believe the true meaning of feminism is to the sport light. One such person is actress Emma Watson.

Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, gave a speech yesterday at the One Young World conference. She talked about what becoming an activist has done to her life. She said, “I was very nervous before that speech; the nerves were followed by a tremendous high immediately afterwards, and a crashing low a few days after that.”

Watson went on to talk about how her decision to start the HeforShe campaign was like opening, “a Pandora’s Box,” of standing ovations, and a level of critique that turned into threats.”

Watch for Gesture Assignment

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat tonight with my friends. There really wasn’t one person that I could focus on, mainly because there were so many people there that were reacting to things that were happening either in the building, or on the TV’s.

There were two football games, two basketball games, and a hockey game that were playing on the multiple TV’s that they had in the building. The game that the most people were reacting to though, was the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans game. There were a couple of good defensive plays from the Steelers that elicited cheers from customers in the restaurant.

There was a table close to mine where one guy threw his hands in the air for those plays, and he kept a close eye on the game. When it looked like the Steelers were going to do well, he was bouncing his leg up and down, and when they were doing well, he was sitting so far forward in his seat it was amazing that he didn’t fall out of it.

Another guy was watching the Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors game. He would pound on the table when things weren’t going the way he wanted, though he was to far away for me to be able to tell who it was he was cheering for.

One thing that everyone in the building had in common was that they were all watching a TV to see the outcome of a game. Hopefully the team that they were cheering for won.

News Story Assignment

What started as a beautiful day yesterday ended in horror. Richard Brunson and Laurette Kenny Brunson were married on their front porch at two in the afternoon. Neieghbor Vicki Holmes had this to say; (Vicki soundbite)

Later that evening, things escalated, and shots were fired. We have the police report from Sergeant Mann; (Sgt Mann soundbite)

If you have information on the whereabouts of Richard Brunson, please contact the authorities.

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