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News Story Assignment

What started as a beautiful day yesterday ended in horror. Richard Brunson and Laurette Kenny Brunson were married on their front porch at two in the afternoon. Neieghbor Vicki Holmes had this to say; (Vicki soundbite)

Later that evening, things escalated, and shots were fired. We have the police report from Sergeant Mann; (Sgt Mann soundbite)

If you have information on the whereabouts of Richard Brunson, please contact the authorities.

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  1. OK on the throwaway/soft lede, but I’m not sure about “horror.” That might be a bit strong. Shocking, may be a bit closer.

    Maybe trim Vicki back a bit, and I would go to Mann first, then Vicki. Give the news, then the descriptive elements.

    Good attribution of quotes.

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