One of the most popular games of 2017 is Destiny 2 (D2). The game was released on September 6th, and has only picked up followers as time has gone on. One month into the game, and each week has brought on the addition of something new, whether it was the Trials of the Nine, the guided Nightfall Strike, the Raid, or most recently, the reintroduction of the Iron Banner.

Veterans of the previous game and newbies alike have given great acclaim for the young game. In interviews taken from two people who have never played the game, and one person who has played through the first, and is now working on the second, more about this game can be found out. The interviews with the two who haven’t played the game were taken after they played the first mission of D2.

Jake Brand, someone who has never played the previous game, said, “It’s better than Halo, but not as good as Call of Duty.” This is a pretty big statement though, since Bungie, the developer of Destiny, is also the developer of Halo. Brand said that he liked the brighter colors of the game, and some of the action sequences. He also said that if he had played the first game and liked it, he probably would have bought the second. He also said, “It’s not my type of game. My type of game is more of the sports games.”

Caleb Deemer, another person who has never played Destiny, said, “I’m not normally into space-age games, but it was fun.” Deemer liked that the game had a little bit of a faster pace, had a good first-person view, and was better than he thought it would be. He felt that some of the smaller details could be improved, but not much else. When asked if he might play it in the future, he said yes, when he didn’t have to rely on the online multiplayer side of the game.

Kyle Mackey is a veteran of the game, having played the first Destiny up until D2 came out. Mackey said that the things he liked were the fluid game mechanics and the graphics. “They actually have a solid story line this time,” Mackey continued. When asked since he had played the first game, did it make him want the second game more, he gave a resounding yes. He also said that he probably spends an average of seven and a half hours a week on the game.