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Description of the Last Person I Talked to

The last person that I talked to was my roommate Jake.

I was playing games and he was doing homework, when he decided to play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond over the Bluetooth speaker in our apartment. He then played a few more songs and we sang along.

He was wearing a dark grey sleeveless hoodie over a grey Morningside Men’s basketball t-shirt, and a pair of shorts.

Jake has an athletic build, and does like to work out quite a bit. He is quite good looking, and is confident with his looks.

If I were to describe Jake’s looks, he’s a Caucasian male standing at about 6’2″ with a Mediterranean look. What I mean by that is that he has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and is fairly tan skinned. If I were to guess his weight, he’d probably be somewhere in the 180-190 pound range.

His jaw starts of square-ish, and comes to a rounded point at the chin. His eyes are close set, but not too close. He has a medium sized forehead, and his hair only hangs down about an inch over the top of his forehead.


The donut hole is a little squishy, but also has a rough texture thanks the the coating of large sugar crystals. It looks roundish, but also kind of like a hill. It has a dark brown color to it, but also has the white of the sugar crystals. It has a chocolaty smell to it.

When you bite into it, it has a squish from the dough part, and a crunch from the sugar crystals. You can taste the chocolate, and also the sugar.

The pirouline has a hard outer shell, and a softer, but still hard core. It has a chocolate swirl running down the outside of it, and the core is chocolate as well. The outer shell crunches when you bite into, and the core just gives away. The core is very creamy, and very rich in taste. It has a weird, off chocolate smell to it.

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  1. Good description of Jake. Even though it’s all visual, it is focused on specific features and making a particular point: athletic and good looking. More use of sensory detail with the food.

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