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Scavenger Hunt

The two objects I had to get were a conversation about the weather, and a piece of gum that isn’t pink.

To get the gum, I went to the admissions office and spoke with Char Jorgensen. I told her what I was doing and she was excited to help out.

She had cinnamon Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. I asked her why cinnamon? She enthusiastically said, “I love cinnamon. Every gum I get is cinnamon. Except for the gum in my car, that’s Juicy Fruit and bubble gum for my grand kids.”

For the conversation about the weather, I headed to the Olsen Student Center. There I talked with the new chaplain, Andy Nelson. He was excited that I’d include him in the assignment, and was more than happy to help out.

We both agreed that we didn’t really care about the current weather. “It’s warmer, almost humid,” he said. He likes a cooler climate, and was kind of disappointed that September has stayed as warm as it has. He continued with, “I just really like jean and sweatshirt weather.”

In the end, the search wasn’t all that hard, and didn’t take all that long. In fact, the thing that took the most time was talking with Char and Andy. This was a good thing, because it helped me get what I needed for the assignment, and let me meet with someone I didn’t really know.


  1. That should be Char.

  2. What does Car look like? Did she greet you with enthusiasam (I would bet she did)? Pastor Nelson is at least two for two now. What does the Pastor’s office look like? Neat and tidy? Bare and ascetic?

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