A United Airlines plane with 61 people on board crashed in a residential district south of Chicago while approaching The Windy City’s Second City Airport on Friday afternoon.

42 bodies were found, one being identified as Representative George W. Collins, D-Ill., who was on his way back from Washington to “organize a children’s Christmas party.

16 people, including the three flight attendants were admitted to Holy Cross Hospital with injuries.

An eyewitness was quoted as saying, “I saw the plane coming lower and lower. I couldn’t believe it. I thought surely it would go back up into the air. But it kept coming down. I knew it would never make it to the airport. I was scared.”

One of the survivors, Marvin Anderson, 43, of Omaha, said, “The last words the pilot said to us were, ‘We are at 4,000 feet and everything is going well.’ I knew something was wrong a few seconds later because he began to rev the engines.”

Curtis Vokamer, deputy fire marshall, said his crew found most of the 55 passengers dead in the debris of the Boeing 737. He was quoted as saying, “If Hell has an address, this is the place.”