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First Paper: Rough Draft

Suicide can have several meanings, it just depends on how you look at it. For some it’s a senseless and selfish act that takes loved ones away from their families. For others it’s seen as something that has taken a loved one. And for others still, it’s a way to end the pain, or to leave behind the loneliness that’s drowning them. The dictionary definition is, “the intentional taking of one’s own life.” But suicide is a very broad topic, especially when you look at the ages at which people make the decision to end it all. So, to narrow that topic down, I’m going to talk about suicide in college age students.

Suicide, in my opinion is something that shouldn’t be done, because it hurts more than just the one person who makes that decision. It hurts their loved ones and their friends. But most of all, it hurts the world. If that person hadn’t committed suicide, what could they have done? Maybe one person could’ve found the cure for cancer, and another could’ve brought world peace. Since they’re no longer here, that won’t happen—at least not for a while.

According to in 2015, an average of 6% of undergraduate, and 4% of graduate students in a four year college had seriously thought about attempting suicide in the past year. Nearly half of both those groups didn’t tell anyone.

There were 7.5 suicides per 100 thousand students in the U.S. in 2015, which added up to 1,100 students taking their lives that year. One in twelve have actually written out a suicide plan, and 1.5 out of 100 students have actually attempted to commit suicide.

Twelve people aged fifteen to twenty-four committed suicide in one day, which rounds out to one person dying every two hours.

The emotional health of college freshmen had declined to its lowest extent in 25 years, going from 64% saying their emotional health being above average in 1985, to 51% saying their emotional health was above average in 2015. Campus stress producers were found to correlate with competitiveness, acceptance rate, tuition, campus crime, and the economy.

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  1. This is a good start on the paper but there are a couple of things that need work.

    First your lede, and first paragraph in general, could be shorter and more focused. It seems like you have the potential for two separate paragraphs with just the material you have put in your first.

    The second paragraph seems unnecessary to me because its all opinion and speculation.

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