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Live Action Trailer for Destiny 2 Arrives Today

Today Destiny 2’s live action trailer hit the world with something that the game’s followers couldn’t believe was so good. This live action trailer was directed by the director of Kong: Skull Island.

Despite being for a fictional first-person-shooter set in outer space, and having Sabotage by the Beastie Boys set as the theme song, the new trailer takes a beautifully comical tone with the destruction of all Earth, now including the last safe place on Earth–The Last City. The City is taken by a “psycho rhino named Ghaul,” and the Gaurdians, inhabitants of The Last City, are the only ones that can fight back against him. (LeFebvre)

In the video we see the new faction of the Cabal–a monstrous race that conquers entire worlds just for being in their way–take the last safe stronghold from the inhabitants of Earth. The Gaurdians must now rise up, without their powers, to take back the city from these fiends.

Where were you when the Traveler fell?

So “Grab some big guns,”  and “Do it for the puppies!” The game will come out later next week on Wednesday, September 6 for Play Station 4 and Xbox One. Release for PC use is set for Tuesday, October 24. (LeFebvre)

LeFebvre, R. (2017, August 31). We wish ‘Destiny 2’ looked as good as this live action trailer. Retrieved August 31, 2017, from

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  1. Good inclusion of the video link. (That sounds like Nathan Fillion.) But now that you have the summary, you need to discuss how it relates to the class. Does it have a news value? Who is the audience? Your link is to a gamer site (I’m assuming). What does it say about the game and about the video? Are they excited? Why?

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