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“This is Elizabeth, how may I be of service?” she answers attentively into the phone. The line she just spoke, required by corporate standards at the restaurant when answering the phone, but with her warm yet alert tone created an entirely new meaning to the repetitive phrase.

She finishes the phone call and immediately strides out onto the floor of Olive Garden. Her serving section holds full tables of guests enjoying their Italian dinners. A quick stop by each one calms her nervousness. Her self-proclaimed orders are to always be present for the guests that may need assistance from her.

For this young woman, benevolence makes up the essence of who she is, but there’s more to her than kindness alone. A simple observation of Liz in action at work can tell the tone of her story. A bold smile, gentle body language, and friendly laughter floating through the restaurant create a heartfelt melody that tells the tale of Elizabeth Aldana. If you ask her what’s on her mind, though, it probably won’t be about her intricate charm.

Each and every day must be productive for Liz. Rising at the sound of her early alarm, she works relentlessly at home as well taking care of her family and the house as her parents work long hours at their own jobs early in the morning. Being the oldest child has brought a lot of pressure for her, something that she has had to take unwillingly, but has made the best of her situation.

“QUOTE ON Family”

Productivity rarely comes from nowhere, and for Miss Aldana, her motivation comes from the future she envisions for herself. Elizabeth strives for a new life away from her Sioux City home that she has grown so fond.


As Liz describes it, one day she had the urge to travel to Nashville. So that day she bought a plane ticket to the country capital of the world. Upon arrival, her expectations of her dream city were met and taken beyond what she could have imagined. The southern city was all she every hoped for.


Nashville is only an anecdote for the real life ambitions Liz holds. She has a definitive set of goals that she plans on meeting in the near future. Some of these goals are ones that most fall short of when they find obstacles, but not for her. Every task or situation that has arisen in her 22 years of life, keep her fighting towards her vision of a new and exciting future.

“I always try not to half-ass anything. A lot of people are complacent with where they are in life. I want to go above and beyond.”

This personal quality has led her to an advancement at her current job. Olive Garden awards a small number of positions to employees with the drive, determination, and potential to take their skills to the next level as a Service Professionals. Service Professionals are the stepping stone to full-time management positions at any of the restaurants in the country.

“Liz is very hard to describe. She is strong yet light hearted. She is willing to help anyone and truly wants to help, but at the same time, knows her limits. She keeps pushing for things she wants until she gets it. That’s why she is a service professional.”




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