Profile Sketch

“Would you like soup or salad with that?” asks Pandora, a woman in her 40’s taking an order at the local Olive Garden in Sioux City.

She takes the information given to her, smiles at her guests, and then paces quickly to a computer nearby. She enters in the order and rushes to get every that is needed by her guests.

As Pandora returns to the table with a salad setup, she places plates, salad, soup, and bread down on the table. Meanwhile, she strikes up a cheerful conversation about the first snowfall that arrived the day prior. She leaves the table after telling her table to enjoy the food and steps over to another table to ask about their dining experience.

Behind the scenes, Pandora works even harder than what her guests see. There is never a still moment for a woman who has never had a still past. She organizes dishes, refills the salad bar, and runs food that is ready to be taken to other tables.

Pandora truly is a team player at Olive Garden, but some may question that when they first hear of her past.


  1. If Pandora works out as a subject, use more info like “salad setup.” It’s waiter jargon. The reader may not always understand it, but it sounds authentic and adds verisimilitude. What can you do with the Pandora name/myth?