(Attentive, Astute)

During my media management class I spoke with Christina Vazquez because of the hat she was wearing.

I walked up to the front of the class room determined to have a good presentation. As I came around the table and got a few of my classmates, my eye caught two blotches of deep red. Christina and her project partner Sara Alexander were wearing two IHeart Media hats for their own presentation.

“Those are some interesting hats,” I said humorously. “Where did you get them?”

“During our visit to speak with IHeart’s Market Manager!” Christina said with a smile.

She sat there with a smile on her face watching my partner and I calmly. Her posture made it obvious that she was well awake and ready to present her material. Throughout my own presentation she continued to hold her position and a look on her face told that she was processing our information.

Someone is a morning person and it isn’t me.


  1. Her posture — chin up, eyes forward, hands folded on the desk — made it obvious…

    Be specific. Include the clues.