Election Turmoil

Election Turmoil

So the election is finally here. I made sure I wrote this before the results of the election so it won’t sway my message. Regardless of the results, one thing will always be true about polarized elections like this one.

Everyone thinks they know something.

Everyone thinks they are right.

Everyone has an opinion they think should be broadcasted on Social Media.

Reality tells us that usually these people aren’t educated on the topic, but most won’t admit that about themselves. Sadly, very few actually look into the stances of each candidate on the issues, and an even smaller number of people actually fully know the issue. It’s each individual’s own problem that they chose not to understand something, but what bothers me is that many people still think it’s ok to post their thoughts on social media. To highlight this sort of behavior, I will include some graphics.

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These are all geared against HRC mainly because these are some of the posts that I remembered off the top of my head. This is just a preview of what my Facebook feed has been for the last few months.

These are absolutely disrespectful to HRC and the Democratic party. This is not how politics work, and there is nothing informational or political about these pictures or posts. For instance, when talking about the large picture on the bottom row, would you say that to her face? She is human too, and if you think she’s incapable…


Most of these pictures are false, or are meant to be a joke… a stupid joke that we all know won’t be taken lightly.


Everyone thinks that posting that picture that they think is SO genius will sway someone or get them to start an argument.

Which leads me to another nuisance that is notorious during political seasons. ARGUMENTS ON FACEBOOK ARE TRASHY AND NO ONE EVER WINS.

There should be a law against people posting anything political. Leave the annoying ads to TV and Radio, please and thank you.