The Constant Gardener

The main characters stick with their beliefs.  They develop relationships that help them succeed.  Tessa started these relationships through her research, and it helped Justin along the way. The start of the movie I noticed that Tessa and Justin adjusted to the culture.  They were well liked in the area and knew the language.  This really helped them develop relationships.  There were times that Justin had a difficult time to translate and it made it even more difficult to find what he was looking for.  The characters were all close when they communicated in Africa.  They embraced one another with hugs and kisses on each cheek.

The businesses use many techniques to make their product work.  They expand into foreign countries, but it is only to test their product.  There is blackmail used to get what they want.  They company is deceptive because they are trying to hide that they are using Africans to test their drug.  They threat any individual who is trying to stop them from testing their drug.

This movie confused me at first to try to randomly watch.  I used Google to help me understand the plot of the movie.  It made it much easier to understand and I wished I would have searched it prior to watching the movie.

One thought on “The Constant Gardener

  1. I am glad that you did a Google search to help you get the whole plot, because it does shift in time and that can be confusing.

    Do you think that the level of bribery we see in the movie is credible?

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