Rare Paralysis Cases Found in Minnesota

I chose a national story about Acute Flaccid Myelitis, A.F.M.  The news article, where I first found this news, was from the New York Times and had a lot of information about the virus. The news broadcast was found on CNN’s website.

The lead in the article was decent, could have been more interesting, but got the point across to the reader. In the broadcast, the lead is sort of crappy in my opinion. The lead in the broadcast just seems boring and not very interesting unless you could be affected by the story. Both stories are structured well in what they say.

The article definitely has more information than the broadcast. This is probably because the broadcast is only given so much time to tell viewers what is happening. In the article though, it tells readers what the virus is, how to prevent it, how common the virus is and what causes the virus. Whereas the broadcast just talked about what the virus is, how common it is, and side-effects.

The article got most of its information from the C.D.C. and had some direct quotes from them. The broadcast also received its information from the C.D.C., but I believe they paraphrased everything that was said. Overall, both stories gave credit to the C.D.C. for the information.

The article didn’t have any pictures, but the broadcast of course did. The broadcast showed a family affected by the virus. The broadcast also showed part of an interview with the father of a child with the virus.


What is Happening With the Housing Market

The housing market is declining across the United States, but in recent years has stayed strong locally.

According to an article in the New York Times, Denver, a city that is blooming in every aspect, has seen their housing market dwindle recently. Sales and construction activity have slowed in recent months. Also, houses that would once have drawn countless offers are now sitting on the market for days or weeks.

The selling prices on houses are slowly rising while asking prices are being slashed to bring in buyers. The decline in the housing market isn’t only in Denver, it has hit cities such as New York, Seattle, and even San Francisco. The common reason behind this issue is home buyers are reaching a breaking point after years of breakneck price increases that far exceed income gains.

In an article from CNN, one of the problems is contractors are not building as much as they used to. With the crackdown on immigration, contractors are losing employees being one cause of the decline in new homes. There are also tariffs on imported lumber making it more difficult and expensive for builders.

Despite what is happening around the country, Sioux City’s housing market is continuing to hold out throughout the years. According to an article in the Sioux City Journal, Kerry Fladung, vice president of the Siouxland Rental Association, says, “It’s easier to find a place. Instead of five people looking to rent one house, maybe it’s 1.5 or 2 people looking to rent one house. And they’re not desperate for it.”

Fladung said that the market is becoming more balanced, unlike how it once was when people would have to drop everything they’re doing and call immediately. Although the rental market is slowing down, Julie Fischer, a Sioux City real estate agent, says the market remains strong.

Madison Schueth, a third-year student but graduating this spring, had thoughts on the housing market in Sioux City. “I feel like its bad” Schueth says but other sources say otherwise. In Schueths defense, she doesn’t plan on staying in Sioux City and plans on living wherever she decides to go to graduate school.

Meagan Andersen, a recent Morningside graduate, says that it wasn’t hard for her and her roommates to find a house. “But I do feel like we just settled. I wish we would have looked at other options.” Andersen says.

Rare Case in Breakthrough Leukemia Treatment

An unusual death has raised concerns in a groundbreaking cancer treatment. A rogue cell, altered by the therapy, spiraled out of control and caused a fatal relapse.

This leukemia treatment is a form of immunotherapy that genetically engineers a patient’s own white blood cells to fight cancer. The therapy is experimental and does not always work, which was the case for a 20-year-old man. The man’s name was not released to protect patient privacy.

The treatment changed not only his cancer-fighting cells but also the genes of one leukemia cell. The genetic change made that cell invisible to the ones that had been programmed to seek and destroy cancer.

At first, it had seemed that the patient was in full remission, but while the rogue cell was going unseen, it was multiplying uncontrollably. These new leukemia cells caused a relapse nine months later and killed him.

His cells were engineered at the University of Pennsylvania, where the treatment, called CAR-T therapy, was developed in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the drug company Novartis. Researchers say that the case was a rare event, never seen before and that there is no evidence of this problem in cells engineered by Novartis, other drug companies or other research centers.

The Chaplain at Morningside College

Pastor Andy Nelson, a Lutheran pastor, is the chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry and Community Service at Morningside College. Pastor Nelson decided to become a pastor after college while thinking about the remaining questions of his life and faith. Pastor Nelson first came to Sioux City when his wife, Doctor Pleuss, was offered a 10-year position at Morningside College in 2012.

Nelson was then commuting to the University of South Dakota, doing campus ministry at the college. The campus ministry position at Morningside College became available and Nelson was encouraged to apply for the position.

Nelson is a fan of students coming into his office to talk about anything whether it be about faith, life in general, grades, or anything in between. Nelson said that one of the things he enjoys most is “students putting their faith into action in the world.” Nelson is also there for students that want to figure out where they are going in life, what God is calling them to do, and how their actions are going to serve God.

Nelson enjoys being on campus, actually being involved in official events and recognized by the college. Morningside College is associated with the Methodist church, he says that his experience here has helped him learn more about the way Methodists run their church. Learning about other religions as well has also been a part of his experience at Morningside.

Pastor Nelson talked about how he wishes Morningside had a dedicated sacred space on campus. Also, that he wouldn’t mind if the college rebooted mandatory congregation. Nelson hopes that one day students won’t just gather and talk about their faith, but gather and act within their faith. Pastor Nelson also wants every student to know that if you come to talk to him, you will be heard and that you are cared about.

Creme de Pirouline Review

It has always been said that you eat with your nose before your mouth. The creme de pirouline smells like it came straight from a chocolate factory.

At first glance, you may think that the candy is as hard as a rock, and doesn’t look very appealing. Once you bite into the creme de pirouline, the gooey chocolate fills the inside of your mouth, with a little bit of a crunch. The chocolate is extremely sweet, you can feel the cavities coming in, ruining your pearly whites.

If you are a die-hard chocolate fan, you will enjoy every bite of this creme de pirouline. If you only like chocolate, you’re going to be sick of this stick after two bites.

Out With the Old, In With the New

After Tiger Woods’s victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta, a new version of Tiger may bring a new light to the professional game of golf.

On Sunday, fans were longing for a scandal-free, uninjured Tiger Woods. During the Tour Championship in Atlanta this past weekend, after Tigers final putt, he raised his arms with a huge smile. Many golf fans roared with excitement, just like the good old days.

Golf fans seem to have grasped the fact that the new and improved Tiger has made his way to the course. With this new breakthrough victory, professional golf could see potential ripples in the game.

As evident when Woods won his first major championship in 1997, ratings soared through the roof when he is on the course. After making his comeback, the same could be said at Atlanta. On Monday, the Golf Channel announced that NBC’s final round coverage of the Tour Championship drew a 5.1 overnight rating, which is a 206 percent increase from the 2017 championship.

Woods’s presence makes PGA Tour more attractive to sponsors, and it lifts associated companies. If Woods is again contending at most tournaments, golf, in general, becomes more relevant and mainstream, and that in turn benefits every facet of the game, from public golf courses to equipment and apparel makers.

Scavenger Hunt

This was a horrible experience. The second I got the go, I headed for the Krone Advising Center, knowing that they would have what I need. I talked to Lillian Lopez right away, asking if she had anything with the Morningside logo on it. I asked for a sticky note, figuring maybe they would have such a thing, but they didn’t.

After searching for a bit Katie came out of her office and asked what we were looking for. I explained what I was doing and why I was doing it. We then all looked around for anything with the logo that someone wouldn’t miss, but came up with nothing.

“Would a business card work?” Katie was asking as she reached into a cabinet. I was so excited because we were having no luck. After I had the business card, I headed for Buhler Rolfs.

As I walked in, I had never seen the building so empty. There was one other person in the room and it was Grace from class. I then went upstairs and found someone fiddling on their computer. I introduced myself, told him why I was bothering him and asked if he was busy.

I had a conversation with him about his favorite movie. Jeremiah Horack said his favorite movie is “Neverending Story”. Horack said the movie is about a kid being bullied that escapes reality through books that eventually turn real.

I asked why it’s his favorite movie, trying to make it a little clearer, I asked if he maybe relates to the movie in some aspect. He said yes because when he was younger he escaped reality through books. Horack would recommend this movie to anyone.

US Catholic Church Plans a Complaint Hotline for Sex Abuse by Bishops

Catholic Bishops in the United States have planned a hotline for complaints against bishops sexually assaulting children or adults.

The goal of this hotline is to regain trust in the US church hierarchy after accusations of bishops had abused children and covered up sex crimes by priests for decades. “Some bishops, by their actions or their failures to act, have caused great harm to both individuals and the Church,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) administrative committee said in a statement.

“They have used their authority and power to manipulate and sexually abuse others. They have allowed the fear of scandal to replace genuine concern and care for those who have been victimized by abusers.”

A Pennsylvania grand jury report in August alleged bishops tried to hide accusations that about 1,000 children and adults were abused by 301 priests over 70 years.

The hotline will allow people to report sexual abuse of children or adults and direct the complaints to civil and church authorities.

Controversy Concerning Nike’s New Ad Campaign

Nike’s controversial new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick inspired people to cut off the Nike swoosh from clothing. Nike sales continue to increase.

According to The Independent, a news source from the United Kingdom, the mayor of Kenner Louisiana has banned any purchases of Nike for the towns parks and recreation department. The mayor also stated that he did not want the booster club to sell any merchandise with the Nike logo unless they seek approval ahead of time.

“Under no circumstances will any Nike product or any product with the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery at any City of Kenner Recreation Facility,” the mayor added in the memo. Many other politicians think the memo is absurd and should not be allowed just because the mayor didn’t like an advertisement.

While some people hate the new Nike commercial, others find it incredibly inspirational. Kaepernick started the movement to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner. Kaepernick started kneeling in 2016 to protest racial injustice and police brutality. The commercial doesn’t reference Kaepernick’s NFL career; if you didn’t know him, you wouldn’t have guessed he was a former NFL player.

The advertisement was not focused on Kaepernick, although he narrated the commercial. The advertisement features other famous people, making a difference in peoples lives, as well as “normal” people living their dreams. The advertisement shows that with imagination and determination, anyone can achieve anything.

Nikes whole slogan is based on Just Do It. In the last scene, the screen says “It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it.” That was the message people were supposed to get from the advertisement. The advertisement also talks about how it’s a compliment when people tell you your dreams are crazy. “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy; ask if they’re crazy enough.”

According to an article in USA Today, Nike needs a new face for their brand, someone that will relate to the younger generation and knows what they are experiencing. The advertisement brings hope to children or young adults that feel they have no one supporting them. Also, that they can’t succeed just because of where they came from.

After taking everything into consideration, Nike has increased its sales by 31%.

Plane Crash in Townsville

A United Airlines jet plowed through homes south of Townsville. It has been reported that 42 bodies had been found dead.

Friday afternoon, 61 persons aboard the plane crashed while approaching Townsville’s Midway Airport. The National Transportation Safety Board in Washington immediately dispatched an investigating team to Townsville.

Curtis Vokamer, deputy fire marshall, said his crew found most of the 55 passengers dead in the debris of the Boeing 737. Holy Cross Hospital reported 16 persons, including the plane’s three flight attendants, were admitted with injuries.

The Cook County Coroner reported 42 bodies had been found. One of the victims identified was Rep. George W. Collins, D-III., was returning from Washington to “organize a children’s Christmas party.”

A United spokesman said, “The plane, Flight 553, was due at Midway at 2:30 p.m. CST. The plane was approaching the airport with a 500-foot ceiling and a one-mile visibility.” The plane’s final destination was Omaha, NE.

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