Lennox Students Get a Lesson in Bullying

Posted on November 10, 2009 by Katherine Sokolowski.
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Lennox students greeted speaker, Elton Rokusek last friday for a lesson they won’t soon forget.  Rokusek impressed on them the damaging affects of bullying and spoke to them about his life being bullied as a child.  While growing up in Tyndall South Dakota, Rukosek was teased mercilessly because of a disfiguring birthmark on his face.  He was born with a cavernous hemangioma that took over most of his face and left him traumatized for years until he started speaking and teaching kids how important it is to be kind.  The students were deeply impacted by his speech.

Watch the video and check out the story at: http://www.keloland.com/news/NewsDetail6374.cfm?Id=92294

Bomb Threats Cause Evacutations in South Sioux City Schools

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Within the last two weeks, South Sioux City middle and high schools have had to evacuate due to bomb threats.  Police squads and a bomb sniffing dog responded when faculty discovered a note saying there was a bomb in the school.  After the students were locked down the search found no bomb but South Sioux City Police Chief Scot Ford believes the safety of the 2100 some students is worth it. 


H1N1 Vaccine Slow to reach Sioux Falls area (Video Broadcast vs. Script)

Posted on October 27, 2009 by Katherine Sokolowski.
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In an interview, Governor Mike Rounds explains why, to his disappointment, the vaccine for the H1N1 virus that is taking over the Sioux Falls area.  Too many schools are feeling the strain of missing students due to the virus.  Although the demand is high, there aren’t enough vaccines to go around to at least contain the number of infected children and young adults, not to mention the adults in need as well. 

The interview, done by a Keloland TV reporter, was successful in getting the Governor’s point of few and covering why there is a shortage and what officials are doing to fix that.  I would’ve, however, liked to have heard from others; like a health  official, or a teacher to give their point of view.  Although this wasn’t an argumentative issue, It seems one sided and needed some support with other opinions and expertise.


In comparison to the script broadcast, the video is quite similar.  The script is short and sweet but thorough.  South Dakota Governor, Mike Rounds was the only voice in the story but he credited helath officials and two local daycares.  Also in the script was information on when are where more vaccines will be reaching the Sioux Falls area.  H1N1 is hitting southeast South Dakota hard and students are attending classes less and less.  It’s important for the area families to know that officials are doing something about the shortage of these vital vaccines.


Detroit-area man bites through neighbor’s lips after football thrown in lawn.

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This story is short enough to re-type.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Police say a Detroit-area man bit through a neighbor’s lips after he picked up a football that accidentally had been tossed onto his lawn by some teenagers. The man was accused of confiscating the football Sunday evening and refusing to return it until a 28-year-old parent walked up to him and asked for the ball.

Clinton Township Detective Capt. Richard Maierle said the suspect attacked the man, and “the bite went nearly all the way through his mouth.”

The man, 44, was arraigned Monday on a charge of assault with intent to maim. That’s a 10-year felony.

He was being held in the Macomb County jail.

Maierle told The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of deep lacerations on the upper and lower lips.

All I really have to say is, “What the hell is wrong with people?!” Not only did he bite his mouth area but he had to get that close to his mouth, close enough to kiss him.  With all sympathy to the victim but how could he not get away? It must’ve been a face-off.  Anyways, biting is for children and shame on anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to bite someone’s mouth!

An Abortion Addict’s Story

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Katherine Sokolowski.
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This is easily one of the most disturbing stories I’ve read.  It tells of a 40 year old woman’s story of her multiple abortions and her addiction to them.  In her story, it is noted that Irene Vilar had 15 pregnancies terminated in just her first marraige.  She was 16 and her husrband, a 50 year old Latin American Literature teacher.  Pro-life, Pro-choice and Pro-abortion advocates all have thier opinions but who is taking the blunt for her years of aborting her babies?  Her tragic life is said to be the main factor for her “problem”.  As you read the article, it reveals that she had those children to spite her husband and even says she felt “a trill of self determination”.  My own opionion, I’m tettering between Pro-life and Pro-choice but this is wrong no matter which Pro you are.  I don’t necessarily believe that she should be put behind bars like some do, but this woman needs serious help.  Even though she has a somewhat steady family life now with two girls but who’s to say she won’t do it again.

Teen Walks with No Murder Charges

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An unnamed 16-year old was cleared of all charges after he had stabbed his mother’s boyfriend.  The mother and her boyfriend had been fighting about 9:15 p.m when her son intervened by stabbing the boyfriend to death.  43 year-old, Christopher Nettles was found stabbed to death when officers were called to the residence for a domestic disturbance.  Andy Conklin, a state’s attorney’s spokesman said, “Prosecuters reviewed the case and felt the boy was acting in self-defence.

See full story at http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/09/cops-teen-stabbed-mothers-boyfriend.html

Subway 2; McDonalds 1

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It’s a bright future for subway restaurants as they are beginningto outnumber McDonald week after week.  In an online article found on msn.com under the market dispatches link, Charley Blaine writes about the ever growing Subway restaurant chain.  The little sandwich shop, founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965 when he was 17, brags that within a few months there will be more Subways worldwide than their competing burger joint.  Although McDonalds outlet grosses, on average, about $2.3 million a year, Subway only averages $455,000 a year.  McDonalds, meanwhile, is restraining is addition of  new restaurants, focusing now on “building up the profitability of existing restaurants”.  What makes subway so appealing and successful is that their customers have their oreders made fresh and right in front of them; exactlky how they want it.  Subway also doesn’t fry anything which makes it a popular choice for consumers trying to eat healthy.  So while you maybe soon seeing two subways for every one Mickey D’s but watch out, rumors are sprouting about Subway possibly dabbling in breakfast.

Let Me Show You What I See

Posted on September 17, 2009 by Katherine Sokolowski.
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95.5 is filling the room with songs from all eras.  The AC creates a cool temperature throughout the back room.  Ambassadors and assistants file in and out through the doors carrying postcards, envelopes, and calling lists.  I was tempted with the box of markers on the table i’m sitting at and drew a colorful flower on my ankle.  It’s Colleen birthday today so there are posters on her walls.  Char’s jar of treats has animal crackers in it today instead of hot tamales like yesterday.  The computers in front of me are black and there are boxes upon boxes of Morningside notepads.  Chelsea and Terence are having a conversation about Chelsea’s computer that had broken.   The paper shredder makes a loud grinding noise as someone gets rid of some prospective student information.  As I start to leave Jen brings Chelsea the stack of postcards I didn’t finish the other day and starts writing the addresses of the students to be recieving them.  As I walk out, I say “Hi” to Diane and take a pump of hand sanitizer.  Now I’m done.

Share Your Favorite Quote!

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One of my fav’s is “Direct your anger away from me and towards your mother…where it belongs.” – Will and Grace

Kanye…What the ….!?

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So, as my luck would have it, I missed one of the most memorable moments at the MTV awards.  Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift when she was giving her “Thank You” speech after recieving the Best Pop Video award.  Everyone agrees the outburst was rude and disrespectful but most of all it was shocking.  Beyonce made things a little more even when she gave Taylor her moment back but it didn’t make the problem go away.  This however was not my favorite part of the whole event.  When I was searching for the video I accidentally came across a personal video response on You tube.  It was a 20-25 year old guy commenting on the Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift eventually calling Kanye “A gay fish”.  I am proud to say I laughed out loud, alone in my room.  That is all.