In my opinion, I think professors expect way too much out of us. Just because we are in college does not mean we know everything. A lot of what we are learning is new. For example, my education class is ridiculous. My professor expects us to know everything about different types of schools and not only knowledge like that, but also electronic things. For example, I was having trouble with turnitin.com because it wouldn’t let me log in and it was going crazy so I asked one of my other teachers to help me because I have never used it before and it still wouldn’t work. So I asked my professor if he could help me with it and he told me to go ask a classmate or figure it out on my own. I told him I asked one of my other professors and he helped me and still couldn’t figure it out. He replied saying I am sorry figure it out on your own. First of all, if one of my other teachers and I couldn’t figure it out how am I supposed to do it on my own? So he finally helped me, but he expects way to much out of us. They should expect out of us what they think we know and then see if we know more. Don’t get ridiculous, first see what we know. If we knew everything we wouldn’t be in college. So first see what we know and go from there. I think that I should approach my classes with an open mind and ready to learn. Does that always work? No. But I sure can try. If you come into a class with an open mind, ready to learn, and excited/willing to learn you will have fun. Trust me! 🙂

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