The Constant Gardener

After watching The Constant Gardener, I observed some issues that relate to international business. Kenya was being used for a drug experiment. Kenya, like many African countries, has a weak government system and lacks in the economy. They have a poor population that the drug company knew they could benefit off of. The drug company distributed this risky new drug, not aware of the side affects. The Kenyan population assumed they had nothing to lose when taking this new drug. The business part was corrupt due to the drug company and the British government knew what possibly could happen.

At the end of the movie, Justin tried to bribe the pilot with $300 to let the kid on the plane. The pilot discussed with Justin how that was not how he does business. Justin thought he could bribe the pilot due to the corrupt police system. I found multiple bribes throughout the movie. Justin was bribed earlier in the movie for answers.

The British government and the drug company had to discuss how they were doing business as well. They had to decide were to produce and distribute the drug.

2 thoughts on “The Constant Gardener

  1. This really opens peoples eyes and shows what big MNC really do in the real world. Do you think these MNC really knew there drugs did not have side effects?

  2. I think the drug company did know there would be side effects, that is why they did not even try to test them in Britain. Now that they have info on the side effects, they can take that data and tweak the drug’s formula, then try again on the African guinea pigs.

    Isn’t it shocking to see human life viewed as a disposable commodity in the pursuit of the dollar? How would shareholders feel if they knew what was going on?

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