Sexism in International Business

Business has traditionally always been a male dominated area. Involving women in international business is debated for many reasons. A lot of foreign countries view and look down to women with power. For example, in a lot of middle eastern countries, women are not usually head of a business. I believe if a woman can get the job done internationally, then they should get the chance to show what they can do if the circumstances are right. Foreign countries believe men show a higher power of dominance and leadership. They believe men have better skills and are more educated.

Every Multinational Corporation wants to be successful. If a U.S. business would like to do business internationally, then they need to meet the guidelines to be successful. The guidelines in these countries may not be fair, but every corporation will do what is necessary to accomplish their goals. Women are not always respected in countries such as India or Japan. Women in these countries lack respect and it could still be a while before they are treated equally.

A MNC should always respect what other countries beliefs are. If foreign countries don’t want to do business with a woman, then the company should send the man. Only time will tell if women are treated equally to men in foreign markets.

2 thoughts on “Sexism in International Business

  1. Would it be socially responsible to send a woman?

    What if the company is completely clueless and does send a woman to Saudi Arabia to do business. What should she do?

  2. I agree with making sure MNC’s meet the guidelines of other countries. Sending a woman there when they look down on women will do nothing for them. They need to look out for the good of the company. Tolerating the culture is a key factor in doing business internationally.

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