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Currently on Broadway there is a very successful revival of Hello, Dolly! staring Bette Midler. This week it was revealed that¬†Bernadette Peters would be succeeding Ms. Midler in the title role and the theatre world has been a light with delight over this casting choice. Victor Garber will also be joining the cast at the same time replacing David Hyde Pierce. This is news in theatre circles because everyone was worried about who was going to replace Bette Midler. Casting her was a major power move for the producers because there are devoted fans who will come see the show just because she is in it. Hello, Dolly! is one of my favorite musicals but the person playing Dolly has a direct effect on whether or not I will go see the show. Personally bringing in Ms. Peters is interesting to me because she doesn’t fit the usual type to play Dolly. The role is over the top and a strong female role, something in direct contrast to what Bernadette Peters usually¬†plays. Another very interesting fact found in this article is that Bernadette Peters will do all eight performances in the week. Currently Donna Murphy is playing Dolly on Tuesdays so Bette Midler doesn’t have to perform every show. All the information relayed in this story is very “in the know.” It is in the Theatre section of the New York Times so that is understandable. If someone doesn’t care about or know a little about theatre they probably wouldn’t stumble upon this article.

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  1.   fuglsang on September 11th, 2017

    This is a good example of why the NYT is the newspaper of record. As THE established newspaper in New York, it has the best reporters with the best contacts who can get the inside scoop.

    Peters was good in The Jerk.

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