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Today is Black Friday, but I will not be shopping in any “big box” stores. I am relaxing, eating Thanksgiving leftovers (yum, pumpkin pie!), and blogging in my Hello Kitty pajamas. The desire to wake up at 5 a.m., stand in long lines both inside and outside the store just to rush around and save a few bucks on stuff made in China is completely lost on me. The mall can wait.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop. But this article is a perfect example of America’s excessive commercialism when it comes to Christmas. Last year on Black Friday, a person was killed after being trampled in a stampede at a Wallmart. Are Americans so consumed with getting what they want (but don’t need) that they will act like a herd of buffalo? Apparently.

I have a few questions regarding the article: Is there extra security at stores participating in Black Friday? What area of LA is this Wallmart located? Did this woman just happen to have pepper spray, or did she bring it just for going shopping? How did the police let her get away?  

I’m surprised that the store stayed open and everyone acted as if nothing happened. Oh, I think I know! It’s because if they closed the store, they would not get as much consumers’ money, and they opened ON Thanksgiving day, so people can start buying stuff even earlier.

Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, taking a break from being stressed out, and, most importantly, celebrating the birth of Jesus.


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I have a  few questions about this article. Where specifically was the boy when his sandwich was stolen? Was he sitting on a park bench? Was he waiting to cross the street?

Apparently, the men were so hungry they didn’t care about the boy’s cell phone. Maybe they were homeless and desperate to find something, anything to eat.

Why is this news? I think this could be considered news in a local newspaper. However, I don’t think this is worthy of being national news.

 I hope the boy is okay, and that his loved ones are looking out for him.

What I really want to know is, “Why did the men steal the sandwich? Did it look delicious, oozing with meatball sauce and cheese? Did the boy cut in line ahead of them at Blimpie’s? When I read a news story, I want details! At the rate at which Yahoo’s articles are getting smaller, they will soon be only a few sentences long.


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The scandal at Penn State is appalling. With the exception of Mike McQueary, the people concealing the crime were only concerned about covering their own butts.

Do the students supporting Paterno realize what he has been a part of? Maybe they don’t want to believe it. What if this had happened to their younger sibling or another young family member? I don’t think they would be as supportive.

I hope that the innocent children who were harmed are able to receive justice from this horrible scandal. They might need years of therapy and counseling. Hopefully, they will be able to have relatively normal lives.

I have never been able to understand why some people involved in sports activities, especially at schools, feel that they should get special treatment. If a football coach commits a crime, he should be treated just the same as anyone else. For people in high positions of authority at Penn State to brush the sexual abuse under the rug is disgusting.

Here is another article that I think provides clarification to this complicated case.