Social Influence

October 17, 2017 | | Comments Off on Social Influence


It seems like everyone is on social media these days and everyone is concerned about one thing, likes. A study was done on Science news for students that claims the more likes a photo has, the more people see it. When liking a picture, this doesn’t only effect the way people feel when getting a like but can also effect the way people act.


When people see a photo has many likes, they are more likely to follow the trend and like that picture as well. People want that feeling of popularity and acceptance. This study showed that the part of your brain that associates with reward, starts acting up when they see their photo got a lot of likes. They get the feeling of accomplishment and success when people like their photo.


The study showed that when kids see pictures of drinking with a lot of likes on social media then chances are they are going to like the picture as well and maybe want to try drinking. This study shows that people want to be accepted by others, and will press the heart button on things they might not like.


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