Dreams Into Reality

I feel like the information that the speaker gave out on Friday was helpful. I liked how the speach was relevant; it didn’t have the usual things that you ‘should’ say, instead he chose to be honest and talk about reality. I would say the main message he was trying to portray was the importance of networking. As his power point slides progressed through the series of jobs and events that had taken place in his life to get him where he is today, in each transition he would say something like ‘again, I talked to as many people as I could, got their opinions, and really did my homework’. Networking has always been in the back of my mind; this speach brought it closer to the front.

Another thing I liked about the speaker was his recollection of past uncertainty. I can identify with that, beings as I am graduating in May and am still not sure exactly what I would like to do. I also like how he said he knew he wanted to learn. I have known for a while I like learning new things in each different job, but this speaker helped me realize that learning is actually something to search for while looking for my first job after college.

Overall, I would say he did a great job.